I want interesting, geometric silver jewelry. What designers do this?
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I'm getting interesting in buying some silver jewelry. I like things that are geometric, sharp, clean or 'weird'. I also have tiny, wee hands (ring size 4.0 in the US system, according to a recent measurement during occupational therapy), so any rings would need to be actually resizable. Where do you go for your geometric silver jewelry?
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I'd use those descriptors for much of the silver, especially a lot of the vintage jewelry, by Georg Jensen. Do an image search and see what you think.

Not sure if this fits, I love the silver pieces by this guy in Seattle. Some beautiful and very unique silver designs.

Have you tried searching silver jewelry on Etsy? That's where I'd start!
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What's your price range? I could have written your post (except my ring fingers are actually size 3.5!) and I love the work of Betty Cooke - her vintage pieces can get insanely expensive, but you can sometimes find pieces on eBay and she still has a store in Baltimore - if you're near there, it's worth a visit.

Here are some Etsy sellers I also like: 1, 2, 3
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A friend of mine creates just what you're looking for. You can view her designs here at Lush Metals.
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Chiming in with another Etsy recommendation, she has silver among other styles: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sistersofthesun... or see her website here: http://sistersofthesun.com/
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Nervous System! Here's the page on their site where you can custom-design your own ring — sizes go down to 4.
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http://www.rebeccahaas.com has some beautiful rings that might be to your liking, and she might even be able to custom size for you.
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meshu.io: custom geometric jewelry based on your travels or favorite places.
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Maybe too music-festival-y, but have a look at Jean Burgers on Etsy.
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Look at some of the 3D printed metal stuff on Shapeways -- as long as the artist is willing to work with you (and many are), it's no problem at all getting a design printed off in your size. For example, this ring is geometric/sharp/slightly weird and the artist is willing to scale it to size.

Also there's lots besides rings, for example this hypercube pendant (I have some other 3D printed metal art from this artist and it's fantastic).
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