feeling like there's something in my nose/throat/teeth
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For about a week now I keep having this weird sensation that there's something stuck in my left nostril when there is nothing. Sometimes this feels like there's something in my mouth (like between upper gums and lips). Sometimes it feels like a sinus pressure. What is this sensation called? Could this be sinus infection? How do I search to find more information?

1. I've also had some upper teeth sensitivity in the last 10 days or so. Generally different tooth each time; not localized.
2. the pressure feels like it's in my septum, and my nose-- including the actual nose, and the membrane part of my nostrils-- are sometimes quite tender.
3. I've also been having sinus headaches, post-nasal drip, fatigue, feeling like there's something stuck in where my nose meets my throat, too.
4. but, oddly, no nasal discharge, except for a tiny bit of nose bleed.
5. sometimes feel pressure and fullness in my face-- around my eyes and cheeks

I should also mention that my upper teeth are generally not great-- many have had big cavities that are filled. In september I had a bout of sinus infection that had very similar symptoms (headache, no discharge but tiny bit of nose bleed, unlocalized teeth sensitivity) but not the pressure/feeling like there's something stuck in there. Around the same time I also had a dental abscess on one of my canines. My dentist assured me that the dental issue did not cause and was not caused by the sinus issue but nonetheless I have mentally associated sinus discomforts with dental issues, so I am a little bit freaking out now.

YNMD, but what might cause this? More importantly, how do I describe the "something stuck somewhere in my nose" feeling to my doctor? Why does it sometimes feel like it's in my mouth and some times up my nose? Why do I have no discharge if it's sinus infection?

*also to note, it's been extremely dry in my apartment. Could the dryness cause all these sinus problems?
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I got a MRSA infection inside my nostril that started from a basic, everyday infection there, and it felt like there was something lodged in there for a few days before the swelling started. You may want to do a quick sweep with soap & water and then some antibiotic ointment inside that nostril (very gently and not too much!!!) just to make sure that's not what's going on.
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Pressure in the sinuses can apparently sometimes manifest as pain in your teeth. It tends to be non-specific and not resolve to a specific tooth.

Dryness can definitely cause or exacerbate sinus issues, including both congestion and nose bleeds. If you're willing to do so (and it's not contraindicated for some reason), I'd suggest something like the Neil Med sinus rinse, which you can get at any drugstore or Target. It will irrigate your sinuses and also add some moisture. Guaifenesin (Mucinex) and/or a humidifier may also help loosen things up.

IANAD, and I'm never going to say not to go to the doctor -- since you haven't had these specific symptoms before, it's probably a good idea to at least check in. But be aware that many cases of sinusitis will resolve on their own within 2-3 weeks, and as such, many doctors won't generally prescribe antibiotics to you until you've been sick for somewhat longer than 10 days. However, even if they don't prescribe antibiotics, they can confirm nothing more serious is going on, and they can give you some other treatment options to try first (e.g. nasal steroids).
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Sounds like a sinus issue, maybe an infection - have you been to the doctor? Whenever I have a sinus infection or even just mild allergies, I get tooth pain. I always get paranoid for about an hour that I need a root canal.

Years ago, I had my wisdom teeth out and they must have nicked the sinus cavity during the procedure, because I wound up having a sinus infection that spread to my mouth, causing horrible pain in my molars. It was extremely unpleasant but cleared up with a strong dose of penicillin. Go to the doctor. If that doesn't clear it up, go to the dentist.
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This is allergy season. For instance, I spent a couple of days alone mostly, when I went to take care of my neighbor I suddenly had no voice, my vision was blurry all day. I realized the hundreds of blooming fruit trees in my neighborhood were getting to me. Once I realized that then my reaction sudsided some. I wash my face twice a day, rinse out my nose, and keep my hands away from my face. I comb my hair more often to help get the pollen out. I have had sinus infections and they can make the front teeth numb, but swollen sinuses from allergy can do the same thing. Allergy can act like infection, that is why they call it hayfever.
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If this happened to me the first thing I'd try is a neti pot, no question. It's totally passive and I can't imagine how it could hurt. That said, IANYD. Good luck!
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My dentist was once looking at my X-rays and asked if I ever got a toothache when I had a cold (I have). He said the roots of my molars extend into my sinuses and can get irritated with a cold or sinus infection. So it does sound like it could be sinus related.
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Consider the opposite. I learned the hard way that dental infections can spread to the sinus floor, and when that happens there can be hell to pay. I ended up needing painful surgery.
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More importantly, how do I describe the "something stuck somewhere in my nose" feeling to my doctor? Why does it sometimes feel like it's in my mouth and some times up my nose? Why do I have no discharge if it's sinus infection?

Hi this is me! I would have posted this question sometime soon except that you did! My pain was in my teeth, ear, jaw and sort of next to my left nostril. I've gone to a lot of doctors over the past few months, let me tell you what worked and what did not

- regular doctor thought it was a sinus infection and gave me zithromax. Seemed to help but not completely
- dentist said "Your teeth are fine but they are really close to your sinuses...."
- Second doctor gave me flonase and loratadine and said to take second round of antibiotics if it didnt' go away before my international trip
- international trip came, wasn't better, took ten days of amoxicillin
- came back, improved but not better, made ENT appointment
- ENT scoped my sinuses, didn't see anything, suggested CAT scan
- CAT scan snowed nothing but inflammation, nothing specific on the left side, slightly deviated septum which I have always had
- took prednisone for six days which actually stopped the tooth pain entirely but the swelling/discomfort is sticking around.

Things I did that I think helped

- regular flonase/loratadine so I'm not getting allergic problems
- nasal rinses every few days with warm water & salt
- HUMIDIFIER blasting all the time
- saline nasal spray just to keep things moist
- staying hydrated

Things that didn't seem to do much

- changing up my dental care routine
- changing up my diet
- mucinex (can't hurt to try though, just stay hydrated!)
- steam inhalation, that sort of thing

My folk wisdom (I am not a doctor/dentist)

- Dental infections tend to get worse, fairly quickly but also have pain that goes away (often) with antibiotics
- It's never a bad idea to go to the dentist
- sinus pain tends to feel worse when you bend over (but not always)
- nasal rinsing is usually good but can be tough if you cant breathe well through your nose
- sinus infections can be sort of deep in your sinuses and not discharge much, they can also feel like they are moving around if they're in your "back sinuses" because they're not really in one nostril or the other at that point
- It's usually a good idea to go to a doctor, be honest about how long you have had the problem, what you have been doing and whether it is getting worse

I wish I could say I was totally better, but I am just on the mend. Doc or dentist is your next step, you just have to keep taking steps and seeing what works and what doesn't. Easy things to start with are humidifier and nasal rinsing, and a doctor's appointment.
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Have it checked by a Dentist or an ENT. right now.
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I had something like this. Turns out it was a polyp that had filled up my sinus and poked out into the nostril. Time to see a doctor.
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