Good online free or cheap courses in project management and Excel?
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I recently started a new job as a Project Manager for an educational travel company and would like to beef up my Excel and project management skills. I was previously managing academic research studies. While a lot of that experience is relevant, my new responsibilities are more in line with those of a formally trained/certified Project Manager and so I’d like to do some self-study outside of work. Any recommendations out there for good online coursework?

For one, I’d like to become more facile in data management. I’m not being asked to do any major lifting with data. I was recently asked to analyze some historical participant enrollment reports, however, and though I could do it, it took a lot of brain power and time and I would like to be more deft with numbers and Excel generally, and then to be able to present results with nice visuals (charts, tables, etc). Similarly, I can run meetings and am very organized, but would like to sample in the tools and templates of certified Project Managers and up my game. I don’t think I will work towards a PMP (project management certification) at this time. I’ll be paying my own way for now, so the cheaper the better. I live in the Boston area and would consider classroom learning too, but online is definitely my preference.
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This Excel course is great.
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There is this coming up, if you happen to speak Spanish. (Some people do.)

Very free as in costs nothing.
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I teach commercial Excel courses & if you're not able to come to one of my classes (in Romania!) then I recommend:

ExcelIsFun on Youtube - excellent, covering all levels up to advanced data analysis & its free - has some paid courses but also huge quantities of excellent free articles and tutorials on all levels of Excel
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