I used to explore Egyptian tombs
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but I can't remember what PC game circa 1990 I used to do it on.

Sometimes I go on nostalgia gaming trips and like to play games from years ago, but there's this one game whose name escapes me.

I have browsed through the different iterations of home of the underdogs with no luck.

This was in the early 90's, at about the same time of Prehistoric. It would run on my brother's 286 computer, on DOS.

The game was set in Egypt, in some ancient tombs beneath the sphinx. The opening sequence showed the main character, an explorer or archeologist of sorts, walking to the front of the sphinx and into a secret door that opened on one of its legs (or maybe between them, on the chest).

From what I recall the explorer wore a hat, probably red or dark brown, jeans, and some big jacket (I remembered the legs seemed skinny in comparison to the torso).

It was a puzzle/plataformer game. The gameplay involved walking over buttons that rotated crystals/mirrors into the right position, so that when you shot a laser beam into them, the beam would be reflected into a switch to open the door to the next area, or the door to another button you needed or some item. I think there were also spiders, that were the enemies to avoid.

I believe the title had something to do with exploration, but so far that hasn't helped me find it.

Does anyone remember playing this game and what it was called?
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Best answer: Sounds like Challenge of the ancient empires!
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Looks like pintapicasso has it. Here are more screenshots at MobyGames, and there are also some gameplay videos on YouTube (you can watch the intro with the explorer going into the secret door!).
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Assuming they IDed it correctly, I thought maybe it would be here so you can play online, but I don't see it. Lots of other old-school titles there though.
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AppleTurnover, I think it is on that website if you scroll down far enough.
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Best answer: Didn't realize "Super Solvers" was part of the name. In that case, get your game on and have fun! (Games on that website seem to work pretty well, but don't always play perfectly. Prince Of Persia's controls wouldn't work for me and Leisure Suit Larry 1 crashed on me -- don't judge me! -- but I did play Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego successfully.)
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Intro Sequence
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Response by poster: You are all awesome! And thank you for that link, AppleTurnover. I'll save it for when I fix my computer or get a keyboard for this tablet, but at least my mind is at peace!
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