Special Birthday Suggestions in Copenhagen?
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My wife and I are Americans, but will be in Copenhagen on the night of her 40th birthday in early July. I'd like to plan something very special (such as dinner at an incredible restaurant or a breathtaking daytrip) to celebrate the occasion. Any suggestions?

While we've traveled throughout Europe quite a bit, we have not yet been to Copenhagen (or even Denmark). I'm open to anything under maybe $1,000 US. We're in good health but not particularly athletic. We like food, wine, culture, music, beautiful scenery, and adventure. The key thing I'm looking for is "memorable" -- which I'm finding is a little hard to pull off in a foreign country on my own.
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Well, the obvious is Noma. They start accepting reservations for July on April 6.
I've been to Noma and the experience is certainly memorable.

Or the 7-course menu at Relae which is doing more inventive things than Noma (in my humble opinion) but does not yet have the same name recognition.
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Noma, Noma, Noma! Best ridiculous use of my hard-earned cash I've yet found
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noma. Or Kokkeriet. Both are Michelin-starred restaurants; the latter is slightly more classic and seafood-focused. My last boyfriend ate at both, preferred Kokkeriet probably because of the oysters and they'll ladle caviar on anything if you pay.
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You could go up to Louisiana art museum for a gorgeous/memorable/ beautiful day trip amidst some of the world's best art. The restaurant is great for lunch with views over the sculpture garden and all the way across to Sweden. It's a pleasant and short train trip and, beloved of the Danes, it's the most wonderful place.

I had the meal of a life time at the award winning Oliver and the Black Circus. I also recommend No 2 (On the harbour with views, and Kul (A former butcher shop designed by Jacobsen in a very cool up n coming area) for extremely yummy food n stylish atmosphere. But oh, hell yeah, Noma.
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Another vote for Relae.
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First of all: tillykke med fødselsdagen i juli :)

Our suggestions would be:

* Dinner at Alberto K, the restaurant at the top of the SAS Royal hotel, get a table that overlooks Tivoli. I have been there, and had dessert as the fireworks exploded over Tivoli, and it was SUPER memorable. (I do love Noma and have been there several times - but there's no view in CPH like the one from Alberto K)

* Brunch at either Marchal (in the BEAUTIFUL Hotel D'Angleterre), or at Brasserie Nimb at Tivoli, followed by a walk around the amusement park and gardens.

If we can help in any way, we live in Copenhagen, so just get in touch.
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Noma! Other alternatives are Kiin Kiin which is maybe more romantic than any of the other new wave restaurant options. Or Geranium, which I haven't tried at its current site, but which is lighter and less gimmicky than Noma and Noma-school restaurants like Relæ. All these restaurants have Michelin stars and are amazing experiences.

Other things to do include visiting Louisiana, as mentioned above, and Elsinore, which has a huge castle on the strait which separates Denmark and Sweden, and an interesting maritime museum which is in an old shipyard (built by B.I.G.)

In July, you might want to go to the beach. There are beaches in the middle of Copenhagen, but the ones in Hornbæk and Tisvilde are better.

My favorite museums in Copenhagen are the Rosenborg Castle and close to that, Davids Samling and Hirschsprungs Samling. They are all smallish museums with exquisite collections, which I find preferable to the big national museums.

And take the harbour tour!
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Dinner at Alberto K, the restaurant at the top of the SAS Royal hotel, get a table that overlooks Tivoli.

Oh yes! I'm pretty sure that's where they stayed, had a reportedly spectacular champagne breakfast overlooking the Tivoli. The photos were amazing.
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Another vote for the Louisiana art museum. You'll want to review the site to see if it's your style, of course. And it's far enough out that you'd need to plan for transportation. But you can certainly visit a castle enroute one direction or the other!

Don't shy away from the tourist spots if you have a lovely summer evening. Tivoli can be very fun, and you could hit a good concert there. Nyhavn is so picturesque, and a great spot to catch a harbor tour. The people watching at both is a good time.
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