Live-updating Android photo frame?
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Is there an Android app or web app that will show the latest image from a Flickr album or Dropbox folder?

I want to use an Android tablet as a photo frame-like device for an evening. Ideally, I'd like a fullscreen display of the most recent image that I've uploaded to a Flickr account or Dropbox folder, as soon as possible after it's been uploaded. A slideshow of recent images would also be acceptable, but I'd like to limit the number or age of the recent images.

I'm using a camera to automatically upload images frequently (up to a couple times in a minute), but it's not a scheduled webcam (it's just a camera with an eyefi card). I'd like to be able to see the images as they roll in without intervention.

I've tried a couple photo frame apps, but I haven't yet found one that lets me impose a limit on the slideshow. Please help me find something that will do what I need. Thanks!
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