Great Eggspectations
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Do you know of a store in the Toronto area that sells those hollow chocolate eggs that you can personalize for Easter?

For oddly specific reasons, I need to acquire one of these for Easter. I assumed they were a lot easier to find (story of my life). I see them online here, but need something I can pick up in the Toronto-Oakville-Burlington-Hamilton zone (or online if they ship to Canada for a reasonable sum).

Bonus Question 1: anyone have a good recipe for the icing? I might have to end up MacGyvering one of these myself. I'm sure the results will be....charming, if not mildly horrifying.

Bonus Question 2: any speculation on why these seem to have dropped off the face of the earth? And when did they disappear? What have they done with my childhood?
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Not eggactly (heh) what you're looking for, but Not Martha has a detailed tutorial on making chocolate egg shells filled with candy. You can skip the shell dying and white chocolate parts.
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Best answer: I may have seen some at Walmart, but don't quote me. Check some flyers for this coming week. For writing the name, you could just buy icing pens from Bulk Barn. Good luck!
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Weirdly, we're starting to get Easter eggs showing up in the US, so I'd assume they haven't disappeared fron Canada. If I understand you correctly, the personalization is a red herring--you can buy any old Easter egg at the super market, unwrap it and decorate it.

Here are some bizarrely expensive ones (I'm assuming they're very fancy), though I'm guess you'd prefer no texture on the outside. And even more expensive.

Amazon has a Hello Kitty one, which I include for the absurdity of it. And a plain one, but it costs as much as the ones in the shops and takes two to three days to ship.
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Response by poster: Very helpful (OMG that Not Martha link..!). I guess I do need to tackle the personalization myself. The icing pen is a good idea, but I need that really stiff royal icing. However -- you're right that Bulk Barn will be my friend, since I think they sell icing mix. Thanks all!
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Somewhere German might have them. Try Denninger’s (Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville), or The Old Country Shop on Roncey in Toronto. The latter goes completely insane at this time of year with traumatically-colourful Easter chocolate.
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There's a great chocolate maker on Bayview just south of Eglinton called The Chocolate Messenger. Chocolate is quite expensive but also super super delicious and I've purchased personalized hollow eggs from them in the past. Reminds me I should pay them a visit!
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