Where to go in Germany in June
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We've decided to go to Germany in early June, rent a car, and drive from Frankfurt to Dresden over the course of a week. Where shall we go?

We're married, 40s, and will be traveling with a German friend of similar age. The endpoints are fixed, and Quedlinburg and the Harz Mountains have been suggested as one good destination.

We've been in Germany before, but this is the first trip where we'll rent a car. We're looking for smaller towns (places the ICE doesn't stop!), outdoor destinations, half-day-or-less hikes, castles, and the like.
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I really enjoyed walking around Bamberg, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hike up to the Residenz and visit the rose garden.

East of there, Beyreuth has a great pedestrian zone. It's a college town and also home to the Wagner Festival, lots of entertainment and culture going on.

I've visited amazing castles in W├╝rzburg and Eisenach as well. Eisenach is also where Bach was born, there's a nice little museum there.
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Colditz Castle
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Burg Frankenstein (Frankenstein's Castle).
A very tenuous link to Mary Shelley (which they milk to death), but still a really cool place.
In Darmstadt, 1/2 hour to an hour from Frankfurt.
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Wartburg Castle. Excellent castle (drawbridge, dungeon, battlements), and the museum is meant to be good. Martin Luther translated the bible there.
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Really, in the time you've got, you can go pretty much wherever you want. Germany is so huge (at least from my UK perspective) that you probably can't do everything. I'd either go North, (Cologne, Hannover, Hamburg, Lubeck, Berlin ish) or South (Nurenburg, Munich, Salzburg perhaps)
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Qedlinburg and the Harz are fantastic. My wife and I did 7 nights hiking the Hexenstieg. The starting point in Osterode was also nice.

Definitely spend the night in Bamberg on the way.
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For the first day, I'd stay in Frankfurt, which is a lovely city with a lot to do. No point in getting into the car while suffering from the worst of jet lag. From there, it depends on how much driving you want to do, but I would start out heading in the opposite direction to one of the Mosel towns, like Bernkastel-Keus. Those drives along the Rhine and Mosel are lovely. (The trains run along the Rhine, but the Mosel is too curvy for most of it, so you need the car.) The whole area is lousy with charming wineries, as well as a world-class series of trails.
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I was in Wittenberg in early June a few years back and it happened to be the city festival weekend. Fabulous, like a city-wide ren-faire.
The city is gearing up for the 500th anniversary of all things Martin Luther ('17) so it's pretty spruced up.
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If you do music, the Gewandhaus in Leipzig has a series of concerts for the thousandth anniversary of the city. And there's Auerbachs Keller. And Bach. The whole area is Bach territory.
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Oh, go to the Spreewald!

When you are sick of cities, go there to eat some pickles and kayak around the canals that lace through the countryside. It's beautiful, quiet, and delicious!
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