Ergonomic desk set up that does not require a clamp
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Does this exist? I'm looking for the ability to sit/stand at my desk. However, because I have cabinets over/attached to the desk itself, and the desk cannot be moved from the corner it is in, I can't get an accessory to hold two monitors that needs to be clamped to something.
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I really love my Ready Desk and it's one of the more configurable and flexible options I have seen. I'm not sure if I totally visualize the limitations of your search from your description, though. Can you post a photo?
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I'm having trouble picturing your setup, but would something that clamps to the front of the desk work for you?
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Ha! I'm standing at my new adjustable standing desk that was set up just about half an hour ago. My desk also cannot accommodate any setups that require clamping, so we ended up with this - it holds two monitors and a keyboard, and the whole thing sits on a wide, flat plate that rests on the desktop. No clamps, no screws. It can slide back and forth, and the monitors and keyboard thing can be adjusted independently.
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I'll second the varidesk. This is the model I have, and its wide enough to comfortably fit two widescreen monitors. The top surface ratchets up and down, and locks into place every few inches.

It comes pre-assembled and just sits on the top of the desk. If you get it tho make sure to measure your current desk first. I have a pretty large old-school government work desk, and the varidesk is deep enough that if it were any bigger it would hang off the front end.
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Thirding the varidesk. I was just marveling at this thing on the desk of one of our project managers. It moves up and down very smoothly and easily, fits on her cubicle desk with overhead storage, not clamps required.
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Nthing the Varidesk (Pro Plus model that holds dual monitors.) Mine fits into the corner section of my cube, although one of the two overheads bin had to come down. It took our maintenance guy all of about 5 minutes to remove the bin.
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One the off chance you were referring to a dual-monitor stand, most monitor arm/stands will screw on to the desktop or clamp if you choose. On double checking, no. Never mind.
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