What are some of the best curated reads in business and finance?
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You are smart and well read. What curated link digests do you read on a regular basis?

I'm looking to filter and tame my online reading down to a few high quality curated reads. Some of the sources I really love include:

Abnormal Returns - His daily links section has a great mix of finance, business, investing and culture articles.
Morgan Housel on Slate - The 8 fascinating reads links again has a great mashup of articles.
Barry Ritholtz - Barry is the godfather of curated, super interesting 2x daily reads.
Josh Brown Josh gets his inspiration from Barry.
Naked Capitalism This to a lesser degree just because the RSS feed doesn't serve up the complete article and the website is too cluttered.

What are some other sources of curated, interesting reads that you subscribe to.

Sites with RSS feeds preferred. Bonus points for a great mix of finance, business, science and culture reads.
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Marginal Revolution should be right in your wheelhouse. RSS feed included.
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Today in Tabs. (also a newsletter). (I am not smart or well read)
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Response by poster: @barchan - Thanks for the MR link. That was already on my list :)
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FT Alphaville, and Matt Levine's articles and summaries are great fun.
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Nextdraft (RSS) seems to be what you're after. A fantastic daily read curator.
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I read all the same stuff you read. FT Alphaville is my favorite and they have a little daily linkfest under "Further Reading".

Farnam Street is a blog that also sends a weekly newsletter with a roundup of all the things covered in the last week. The blog itself is great, but he also has lots of excellent links.

Not as much business or finance, but Maria Popova's Brain Pickings has tons of really interesting and smart cultural stuff. She also sends a weekly newsletter ("interestingness digest") with a roundup of the week's articles.

Also, it's not a curator, but most of the people you already follow and read also write for Bloomberg View. You can search articles either by topics or author and there's tons of interesting stuff to read.
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Response by poster: I've created a yahoo pipe that aggregates all of these sources in one simple RSS feed, filtering for the links digest.

Feel free to use - http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=7f9e97620f83d220947b9681efeaa770
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Thanks for the link to your pipe rippersid!
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