Looking for a good raincoat that will keep me very dry but not warm
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I need a new raincoat. I would like it to keep me very dry. I need to be able to pack it in a small space. I have a great trench coat that I love but sometimes rain soaks through it and it's a little bulky for travel. What raincoat should I get?

Here are my requirements:

-Waterproof, not just water resistant
-Easy to pack and not at all bulky
-Not insulated
-Available in women's 1X
-Not crazy expensive
-Longer than a jacket but ideally not ankle-length

I'd get this L.L. Bean coat but it's almost $200 and that's more than I'd like to spend. If it's in a cute color or has a nice shape (I like coats that are flared but don't like drawstring waists) that's neat but really the only actual requirements are the ones listed above. If there's nothing that's as good but cheaper I'll maybe just buy the L.L. Bean one but I figured I'd ask. Thanks for any suggestions you can give!
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I got a packable raincoat for my mom from Land's End, she loves it. It's under $100 and has a similar silhouette. It's only water-resistant, though there are sprays available to solve that problem.
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A good 3-ply Gore-Tex shell will do what you are looking for. It's just for waterproofing and as breathable as possible. The inner and outer lamination helps keep the Gore-Tex layer from getting damaged or saturated with oil from your body.

Mountain Equipment Co-op makes good (though somewhat expensive) garments of this type.
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I have a Marmot raincoat that's waterproof, not insulated, and can be folded down into nothing. Mine is waist-length, but they have several longer styles. I ordered mine from Sierra Trading Post, which usually has good discounts, especially if you sign up for their emails.
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though there are sprays available to solve that problem.
A good 3-ply Gore-Tex shell will do what you are looking for.

I come from a world of much rain. And trust that I've tried both of these options. The right spray to a Mountain Equipment Gore-Tex jacket will definitely give you reasonably lightweight breathable waterproofness ... until you have to wash it. And then you have to spray it again, and I've never had a jacket that was as good after the first wash. But maybe I just haven't tried the right Gore-Tex.

The Waterproof-Breathable page from Mountain Equipment's website ...

To be considered waterproof at a jacket must have:

- a waterproof-breathable membrane or laminate or a non-breathable polyurethane coating.
- a factory applied, water-shedding, durable water repellency (DWR) surface treatment to cause rain and water to bead and roll off
- full seam taping

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My partner has this jacket from Columbia Sportswear. I think it's cute and it's on sale too :).
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This coat from Eddie Bauer is my ride or die. It's lightweight, very effective in keeping me dry, and the cut is very, very flattering, even in the plus size range. It's also on sale right now. I'd buy it over and over at full price, regardless.
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Seconding quince's Eddie Bauer raincoat. I have the insulated version (which you don't want.) It's very slimming-looking and keeps the rain off and out like you won't believe. It also washes up like a dream.
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Another vote for a gore tex hard shell, waterproof, windproof, no insulation. I got mine for less than 200AUD, so I'm sure you can get one for less if you are in the US.

I've also got sort of the same issue as philip-random - my hardshell* is still waterproof after washing, but the water repellent layer appears to have diminished greatly. Applications of Grangers have not returned it to its original awesome water repellency.

*I've experienced this through all the hard and soft shells I've owned.
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