Planning S.O. Surprise Party
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How to plan the best surprise party ever and what are some great places around Boston to celebrate the big 3-0!

My boyfriend will be turning 30 and I want to throw him a surprise party with friends from all parts of his life coming together to celebrate. I am trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate the milestone in and around the Boston area. Preferably along the public transport.

It will be when the weather is warm, and preferably a place/activity where a large group of people can gather. I.e. A bar, bowling, go karts, etc. Being outdoors is not off limits. We are not big drinkers, but do enjoy good beer.

Also, what tips do you have for throwing a surprise party?!
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I'm not going to lie, I lived in Boston for 30 years and the best parties I ever went to were at people's homes. Is that completely off limits for you? I found venues to be really fussy about timing not wanting parties to get in the way of regular service and overall pretty costly.

That said, Sacco's FlatBread Pizza and Bowling in Davis Square is always a good time.
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If you want to go the outdoorsy route... My SIL threw a 40th birthday party for my brother at this place. We went canoeing and kayaking on the Charles River then she had catered barbecue delivered. It was great!
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Sacco's is a good place. It is close to the bike path area beside somerville theatre for some outdoors stuff, too.

Does the Burren rent out their back room for events? That might be good too.
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Sacco's is good, they have a good beer list, good cocktails, good food, and lots of space.
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Also, since you live in Somerville, you can couch the party in "we need to XYZ thing in Davis Square".
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