Lens flare or something else?
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The image on the left side of zeus.com shows a photo of a man with some sort of optical effect partially overlying his head. Any ideas on what caused this? Both a name and a simple explanation if possible? Suggestions I've heard so far include lens flare or reflections on an intervening pane of glass but noone seems entirely sure of it.
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If you look at the original image here, there's clearly a pane of glass between him and the camera. They've cropped it out on zeus.com.
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I'm not sure if you're referring to A or B:

A - In the background there are out of focus blobs from lights on the panels; this can be heightened by using short focal lengths (low light and fast film).

B - That thing on the left side of his head, I'm having a tough time grasping the idea it was intended. The only thing I can think of when I see it is a Borg implant of some kind. It's a hideous and distracting effect.
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And what chrismear said. Looks like the cropping is what made the artifact distracting.
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Comment of friend on seeing the solution appear within three minutes:
Damn, they're *good*
Blimey! That's quick!
How he found that is a question edd should ask on that site
and so on. Count us all impressed.
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I gotta admit, I didn't expect a search for 'black datacenter man' would work so well.
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I gotta admit, I didn't expect a search for 'black datacenter man' would work so well.

hah! that might be the funniest thing i've read in a week!
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Looks like a reflection of a flourescent bulb in the window glass to me.
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The article to the left of the head is the 'C' from the logo of CORBIS (remnant) that looks like a watermark as well as the refelction of flouro tubing to the left of the image, and the flare to the right is just that, a flare from a light source on the rack behind the 'head' or, more likely given the angle, the flash used in the picture.

Cause is the same thing as pointing a camera at the sun - the camera is trying to compensate for a brighter than average light source and effectively fails, I think? There's also refraction going on due to the glass of course, and the bounce back angle if it is due to a flash being used.
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At the risk of incurring the wrath of the gods of Corbis, here's an unwatermarked version.
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Flare is "scattering and internal reflection and refraction of bright light in the optical components". It's not a "failure" in the camera or lens, it's just the way it behaves as constructed.

Distracting reflections however are failure on the part of the photog or editor, so it goes.
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