NY I need my fix.
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Arirang, my go-to Korean spot on 32nd Street HAS CLOSED. What is a good replacement? How can my heart be satisfied? Any borough! Help me, mefites!
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I'm a big fan of Han Bat on 35th near 6th.
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What qualities are you looking for? Fancy or cheap fast and good. If it's the latter, I recommend Kunjip. 32nd West 32nd street.
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I'm a big fan of Madangsui, on 35th. I take out-of-town visitors there all of the time and it's usually a big hit.
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Yeah, what did you love there? My favorite is Mandoo Bar, south side of 32nd street near 5th. Great dumplings, and totally dig the bulgogi dolsot bibimbap.
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Do you specifically not like the other places on 32nd? Because otherwise my recommendation is "walk across the street."
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I like Woorijip at 12 w 32nd
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There is another location in Flushing.
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Seconding Woorijip for quick casual buffet, and I like Cho Dang Gol on 35th for fancy and somewhat expensive dinner.
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Han Bat on 35 Street between 5 & 6
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Seconding Woonjip. Like New Wonjo too.
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