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Are there content management systems or wiki software that are designed to run using ASP and/or focused on .NET functionality and use within a Microsoft/Windows Server environment? If so, what are some examples, reviews and or other information that would be worth knowing? Gracias.
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My company has that environment, and they are running DotNetNuke on a new content management project.
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Perspective might be what you're looking for. In addition, this page on Wikipedia might be a helpful reference. Similar to the wikipedia page, a good reference can be found here. Best of luck finding the right package.
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If this is purely a platform constraint you can also run PHP under IIS. I'm not proselytizing, just making sure you're aware it's doable - many people don't realize it. Ditto any perl-based Wikis/CMSes ActiveState's perl distro plugs into IIS quite easily.
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It's not cheap, but Microsoft Content Management Server is what we use at my place of business.
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