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I'm looking for a new chronograph watch.

It'd be a Christmas presant, so I would like to keep it under $150, and around $100 if possible. I'm mostly concerned with durability and having a leather strap. I know this is on the low-end for watch prices, but I am far from worried about having a classy watch I can show off. I just want one that works and won't break easily.
So far, about all I've found is this Fossil watch, but I'd like to see what else is out there and am looking for suggestions!
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Have you checked out Might be something in the reviews you like the look of. I like Seiko and Nixon watches myself but not sure they do anything in that price range.
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Here's just one line to consider: I've heard good things said about Casio G-Shock Watches (links to Flashy goodness) by members of the WIS* community. They come in both digital and analog display flavors and are in your price range.

They have a reputation of being extremely tough; for the money you might not find a more durable watch. I don't know if they make 'em with a leather strap. Changing the strap might not be a big deal if you otherwise like a watch though -- it depends on how it's attached.

*"Watch Idiot-Savant" -- a self-deprecating term in vogue among those known to spend more on their timepieces than on their ride.
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Also you might want to consider Swatch Irony Chronographs.
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Invicta? The MSRPs are BS, but you get a decent amount of watch for not too much money. And there are squillions of models to choose from, from blingy Lupahs to models that are basically Rolex homages.
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For that amount of features for that price, you're pretty limited. I would suggest trying to find a Seiko or Citizen, they are made to last. Fossil watches are NOT made to last, they are made to break so that you'll buy a new one next year (they are "fashion watches"). Two other brands that are kind of a mixed bag at this price are Invicta and Swiss Army (who recently re-vamped to become more expensive).

Also, don't pay full retail for a watch. Ever. Just don't. It's like paying full sticker price on a car. Check sites like, or go to an independant retailer and ask for a discount. If you don't mind buying pre-owned, there are some great deals on the sales boards of watch enthusiast websites.

It may also by difficult to find a chrono with leather strap, because generally chronos are considered "sporty", metal bracelets are also "sporty", and thus the two are put together. But you can always change the strap after you buy the watch.
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I've been extremely happy with my Swatch Skin Chrono.

Extremely thin and light, stylish. The Chrono function is very neat; all the hands line up and such. Not sure if they come in leather, but as falconred said, that can be changed.

Also fits right into your pricerange.
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Poor Man's Watch Forum would probably be a useful source of information, especially their Top 20.

(It sounds like your watch priorities are fairly similar to mine (well, except for the leather thing). I've got a solar-powered G-Shock. Before that I had a Swiss Army Watch (now adorning the delicate wrist of my sweetheart), and I'm pretty sure my next watch will be an automatic Seiko diver.)
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As a data point, both Fossil watch and my fiance├ęs have held up very well, and I abuse the hell out of watches. I think they're one of the best deals in watches out there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions...a lot of good leads. I tend to also abuse the hell out of my stuff, so I'll be taking special note of posts about that.
Pretty much, I'll parse through the links and end up putting together a list wish of watches for Christmas. I still like to have some suspense in life. I can mark the "best answer" when I get my watch =)
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I want to support the suggestion of Fossil, mine cost about $100 Canadian (with a solid metal bracelet) and is good to 150m for diving, has an 11 year warrenty , and, more importantly, gets mistaken for more expensive brands by people from time to time.
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