Remove heavy duty drawer slides
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Trying to remove a cabinet drawer attached with a heavy duty sliding rail.

I have a large drawer under my sink that holds garbage, recycling, etc. I need to remove it so that I can tighten my loose faucet, but can't for the life of me see how it slides out. I'm pretty sure it can be done (I seem to recall the contractors doing this).

Here are photos.
Outside (attached to drawer):
Inside (attached to cabinet):

I have tried pushing the black bit in the circle on the outside, poking, proving, swearing, etc. I can't figure it out. Anybody have experience with this?
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Can you remove the 4 screws visible in the outside picture?
And the ones on the other side.
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Perhaps the hole in the intermediate racer, when lined up with the black end part of the race, can be depressed and then let it escape? This is in the picture just to the left of the "R".
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I installed slides kind of like those in a cabinet I just built...not at home right now, and I can't really see in the photos, but there should be a plastic 'lever' that you need to push up on each side that will allow you to separate each drawer slide into two that stays attached to the cabinet, and the other that stays attached to the drawer. Probably close to the 'end' of each piece where they meet when the drawer is all the way open (it'll HAVE to be all the way open to do this...).
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Yes, those holes in the sliding part are screw access holes. Move the slides around and the other screws will appear, and you will be able to access them. There could be tabs, too, but it would be strange to have access holes when there aren't screws.
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They are screw access holes, but you don't want to unscrew them, as it will be next to impossible to re-attach them when you're done. Take your time and figure out what the release mechanism is...that way you'll be able to easily slide the drawer (with half the slide attached) right back onto the other half of the slide when you're done making your repair.
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The black thing in the large circle should be the release tab that will let you pull the drawer out entirely with just the rail attached.
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Response by poster: @nickggully I've pushed it as hard as I can and nothing...
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Are those pictures of the drawer pulled out as far as it will go?
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Response by poster: @rhizome yes
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Try the black plastic piece on the far right side of the OUTSIDE picture...
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I think that those particular slides usually have a second piece attached to the drawer that then sets on TOP of the slide attached to the cabinet. Those little hook-shaped things catch onto the drawer part and it clicks together. You don't have the drawer-part hardware, so it looks like someone just screwed it all together. I think you just need to unscrew it from the drawer (as others have suggested, you slide it until each screw shows through a little access hole).
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Response by poster: @richmondparker that doesn't seem to do anything. i've tried pulling,lifting,pushing down...
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Looks like @BillMcMurdo is spot-on...there's a similar slide pictured HERE, and the description talks about an "...easy rail lift-off for drawer disconnect." Looks like the people who put your drawer together did so WITHOUT the topmost piece that would make it easy to remove. Your best option is going to be to place something under the drawer to support it and remove the screws. My only advice would be to MARK the holes as you go, as it looks like there are quite a few from previous'll be a lot easier to get back together if you've taken the time to mark 'em.

Those slides aren't too expensive to buy, so an alternative might be to go ahead and buy a new pair for when you're ready to re-install the drawer...that way, they'll pop right out as designed, and you won't have to worry about dealing with a difficult removal if you ever need to do another repair in the future...
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When you press on the black plastic piece in the large circle, does it not push in at all? Try sliding the door inward slightly to get better access to the plastic piece. The plastic piece should have a sharp edge towards the front of the drawer and a slanted edge toward the back. It may be jammed a bit, but you should be able to push the front (flat) edge down until the whole piece lies flush. Once that happens, you should be able to slide it under the metal stop on the sliding rail and either pull the drawer straight out or pull and lift/tilt to get the drawer off.

If it pushes in but the drawer still doesn't move, there may be a second stop on the inside that needs to be pushed in simultaneously. It's hard to tell what's there in the photos, but I've marked where it should be if it's there....


If worst comes to worst, you might be able to bend up the metal stops (vertical red lines) and then pull the drawer out--it looks a bit like someone has done that already once.
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