neighborhoods/towns that display mascots?
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I live in Fishtown in Philadelphia, and it is very common in the neighborhood to incorporate a fish into the outside of your house. Are there other places that do this kind of thing?

The neighbor's group sells fish address signs you can add your house number to, but much more elaborate versions are also common. I've seen stained glass door transoms with fish, beautiful custom metalwork railings and gates with fish, a huge koi painted on a door, and large fish sculptures.

I know about the contrade of Siena, are there other places where this is common? The mascot doesn't have the be part of the town name. I am much more interested in places where the mascot/town symbol is actually incorporated into the architecture (especially of private houses), rather than just on municipal buildings or a college town where everyone flies the college flag. I'm thinking of a popular, non-sports-related symbol of a location.
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I think there must be some company that goes around convincing towns to adopt something like this. Here in Hattiesburg, MS, many businesses display swans that the business has decorated, say with the colors of the New Orleans Saints or multi-colored handprints or some other nonsense. The flocking of the swans was not at all organic, like the fish in your area seem to be. Swans, to my knowledge, have nothing at all to do with Hattiesburg in any way and sort of grate on me for this reason. I've also seen similar things--carousel horses come to mind--in other nearby towns.
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It's not exactly what you are looking for but Dallas has a well known historic pegasus sign downtown that's resulted in a lot of pegasus artwork and public sculptures and things.
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I grew up in Peach County, GA. The towns of the county are absolutely covered with peach imagery - flags and signs on all kinds of buildings (including private homes), and a lot of businesses work them into their logos and advertising. There's a strip mall in Byron alongside the interstate marked by a massive peach on a pole.

Hand-painted peaches look a lot like butts.
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Doo Town!
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I feel like I saw this in Marblehead, MA. I think it might have also been a fish? (This is an unhelpful comment, I realize.)
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Also in Philadelphia, but my neighborhood, East Falls, has a catfish as a mascot.
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Rayne, Louisiana, is nicknamed "Frog City" -- frog legs were once a major export here, so whimsical frogs in every shape, size, and medium decorate the town ... including murals painted on the exit off I-10.
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White Bear Lake, MN - many residents have white bear statues in their yards or on their homes. It is now also the mascot for the high school but originally comes from an Indian legend that gave the lake its name.
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Not quite the same thing, but in Doo Town, Tasmania, Australia, all the houses have nameplates with 'doo'-related puns.
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Punxsutawney, PA decorates the downtown with groundhogs.
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I've seen this in the medieval city center of Elburg, a former fishing village in the Netherlands. Many of the historic houses are decorated with fishing nets and other traditional fishing implements.
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Local mascots are extremely common in Japan. Here are a few. Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, is particularly popular and pretty much ubiquitous. So is Funassyi, who represents a town in Chiba.

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Also Japan, Children's Day decorations
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Wenatchee is the Apple Capital of the World.
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In Massachusetts whole neighborhoods of homes will be covered with Barnstars from Christmas Tree Shops. Nobody can explain why though.
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You say Hutto, we say Hippo.
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Response by poster: These are all great, thank you!
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I live in Coconut Grove, FL. Lots of folks have peacocks incorporated into houses here. There are loads of feral peacocks wandering around.
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I grew up 20 minutes from Kimberly, British Columbia, and while it's not a mascot, the town has a bavarian "theme". It's sorta lame but cute. Also they do have a mascot, a german beer drinking man named "Happy Hans" and he's painted and modelled into tons of places in the town. He also walks around as an actual mascot in the winter. just.. a town mascot.
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