ID This Choral Piece.
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Can anyone identify this piece of minimalist liturgical music for violin and choir? It was heard via shortwave on Family Radio International. (Bonus points for identifying this particular recording or rendition.)
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You can't contact FRI?

(If you do find out, please post it here - I think it's nifty.)
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I don't believe you would call that minimalist. It sounds more like traditional church music.

I would check with FRI, if you have the band and time you heard the broadcast, you should be able to pinpoint the program.
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Yeah, not minimalist, and it doesn't sound like a violin. Not sure about the piece, though.
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Ask 'em:
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Sounds medieval to me. And it wouldn't be violin, but vielle or rebec (I nod more towards vielle). I wonder if it's some Hildegard? I have CRAPPY speakers on my iBook that blew some time ago, so I can't tell what they are singing. Maybe the text "O Gloriosa"?
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It sounded very similar to Concerts a deux violes esgales (volume 2), but with vocal accompaniment. I don't know what the piece is, but think that the above work might serve as a good starting point. If you end up unable to find the exact piece, both of the above recordings are quite similar, but lack voice.
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The harmonies (for use of a better word) sound too early for Ste-Colombe. Within the first 10 seconds it sounds medieval. It may very well be French, but perhaps French music of the 12th or 13th century.
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If it is a violin, it could be something by the contemporary Russian composer Vladimir Martynov, who has written liturgical music for strings & choir, where the violins can sound quite like that...
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...specifically I was thinking of this CD, which I own, but had only listened to once or twice. Alas, although the sound of the sample you provide strikes me as tantalisingly similar to parts of Martynov's Stabat Mater, that isn't it.
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