Please help me find the right music score for a video
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I want to find a Creative Commons (or other free-to-use) background music for a short video. The video is the (top post on my website from my profile ). I need to re-cut it so that it is only 2 minutes long, and would like to use an awesome track as background music. The video is a slide show of about 100 art images. Please recommend some unusual scores that will create a strong emotional reaction during editing.

All styles & genres are welcome - sweet/sentimental, bittersweet/poignant, classical/contemplative , kid-friendly, active/jazzy, weird/experimental, funny/upbeat(?) The music does not have to tie in with the slides swiping. Thank you.
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I didn't look but is the video on YouTube? Because you know YT has an entire library of music you can add to your videos for free, right? And you can search by length?
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(I know I can find tons of music on Soundcloud, Youtube, Etc. My question here is for some specific recommendations)
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The NIN album Ghosts (in parts I-IV) is all CC-attribution free to use, it's all interesting moody instrumental stuff, and much of it is quite short. Maybe you'll find something in there you like?
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Actually, that YouTube link is silly. Here is the page for the album at, which has the tracks separated and download links.
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