Other series structured like "High Maintenance"?
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I really like High Maintenance. Things about it that make me happy: a mix of primarily comedic episodes with primarily serious ones, but with a balance more on the comedic side; the episodes are standalone, but with some recurring characters (kind of like the Discworld book series); many different people and situations. Do you know of other good TV/video/etc series that fit these criteria, ideally ones that I can watch online?
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Party Down! It's such a great idea for a show, it's surprising there aren't more comedies based on this premise (unlike procedurals). I'll look forward to the answers in this thread.
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Broad city on some but not all of those things. They remind me of each other. I've had luck looking up projects the high maintenance actors have been in and checking that stuff out (Heidi has been in a few episodes of girls and amy shumers show --while I don't like either of these shows overall, her character is great in both.)
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Stuff like Always Sunny and Workaholics fit some of this criteria, but if you're looking for a similar realistic and empathetic tone that's actually a huge difference between HM and most other 1/2 hour comedy shows. Maybe something like Dr. Katz might work for ya?
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Response by poster: a similar realistic and empathetic tone

Yeah, I think that's a huge part of the appeal for me.
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