Floor standing adjustable spotlight lamps with multiple heads
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I'm looking for a simple solution for lighting up a few pieces of artwork in my home office. In the long run I plan to install ceiling-mounted lighting for this, but until that's done, I'd like to find a reasonable solution. What I'm thinking of is a floor standing lamp with multiple adjustable spotlight heads. Something like this but with 2 or 3 heads instead of 1. Unfortunately I have been unable to find anything along those lines.

Have you seen something like this, or do you have any other ideas? I don't want wall-mounted art lights because I don't like the look of cords running up the wall (and the battery ones don't last long enough). I've also considered items like this one, set on my desk and aimed at the artwork. But it's not ideal because I don't have a good desk spot to hit the most important piece. I could probably make it work if it's the only option, but I'm viewing it as a last resort.

I'm open to other solutions too, so if you have an idea, don't hold back! The main constraint is nothing that requires wiring changes or permanent installation because I'm waiting for my full renovation to do that.
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Best answer: Ikea
IKEA again
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Home Depot has many, if you're not near an Ikea.
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Something like this? Or this? Having a metal or opaque shade will direct the light more. I have a similar one and you can definitely point the light although it's not a beam like a traditional spotlight.
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Look for Medusa lamp. I believe I got mine at Target. (I strapped it to a mannequin that now has a mess of lights instead of a head.)
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