Real Cedar Siding - Maintenance?
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Bought / Buying my first house and the house has real cedar for siding. I can't find any definite answer to the maintenance requirements and frequency to this; only cedar shake but this is actual wood planks. Anyone have experience with maintaining real wood siding? If you ever had it professionally maintained, what was your cost and est. square footage?
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Has the siding been finished, or has it been left natural and allowed to weather? That is, is it still a reddish color, or has it been allowed to turn silver/gray? Cedar is a bit different from standard wood siding. Typical wood siding must be sealed/painted on a regular basis. Unless there's damage, cedar siding (either raw or finished) can generally be left to itself for a good long time, depending on the environment.

I found these links on a western red cedar trade assoc. website.
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We bought a house with cedar siding years ago, so I can't speak to current costs for maintenance. I can say our siding was finished and had to be stained every 5 - 6 years. The biggest problems we had with it were from hailstones, woodpeckers and carpenter bees.
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If it hasn't been finished, periodically restaining is so much easier than scraping and prep for paint.
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