Indian restaurant London (near doctor who shop)
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A few years ago I was in London and I was at the doctor who shop and happened upon an amazing Indian restaurant a couple of blocks away. It was on 2 floors and as I recall family owned and according to the menu been there for a long time. I will be returning to London and want to go back to the restaurant, anyone know what it was? And the address? Thanx in advance.
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If you type the address of who Who store into Yelp, you can search for Indian restaurants within a given distance of that address. There are several, but this will help you narrow it down considerably!
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In addition to doing a search like showbiz_liz suggests, try looking on Google Maps using streetview to look around. If you can find the building, maybe it has a sign you can read, or maybe you'll be better able to pinpoint the address.
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Best answer: I'm not sure which Doctor Who shop you have in mind, but Punjab in Covent Garden is about a two-minute walk from Forbidden Planet, which sells a great deal of Doctor Who stuff. Punjab claims to be the UK's oldest North Indian restaurant.
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(A few years ago, Forbidden Planet was at a different address.) There is a Who shop on Barking Road but businesses come and go a lot, even if the restaurant is still there, the staff could have changed multiple times and the standard of cooking may be different. "I remember this amazing Indian restaurant" is often the prelude to disappointment in my experience.
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I am sure that that is the who shop PRK means - but i dunno if it was always on barking rd - the language on their website suggests it wasn't.
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Response by poster: It was Punjab. Thank you .
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