Travel Filter: Salzburg , Prague over Easter.
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Flying into Munich for work and planning on visiting Salzburg for a day trip and Prague for 2 days. Would love to know recommended places but also if places are going to be closed around this time.
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Can't speak for Prague, but if by "over Easter" you mean Easter Day (Sunday April 5), then yes, you run the risk of most things being closed. Shops are shut on regular Sundays, and perhaps even the tourist attractions and restaurants will be shut on Easter Day. Saturday should be fine. Salzburg will be similar to Munich, so ask around about what is open in Munich before you leave.

I made some some specific Salzburg suggestions for a previous question.
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Café Tomaselli is open on holidays and would be a classic stop for coffee and cake while strolling through the city centre. Across the Salzach, Café Bazar is also open and equally offers a glimpse into the Austrian tradition of using cafés as second living rooms.
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Response by poster: @caek. Love the suggestion in the thread for salzburg. I will be visiting only for a daytrip. Munich to Salz in Friday morning(not easter day specifically) and back at night. Is there any off the beaten path in salzburg thats not found in normal tourist traps? Also I have been to the augustiner keller in munich, is it similar to salzburg Augustinerbräu Kloster Mülln
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Response by poster: @wavelette Exactly the vine i was looking for. Cafe Tomaselli and Cafe Bazar will be in my itinerary.
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Best answer: I think the Augustinerbräu's in Salzburg and Munich are completely different companies.

In any case the Kloster is quite different to a Munich Keller. The Kloster is kind of like an underground city. It actually reminded me of the little towns where you buy supplies in Japanese RPG games, but with excellent beer. It's probably not worth a trip to Salzburg on it's own, but the photos in that link don't do it justice.
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