Simple gluten-free dessert recipe?
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Quick, I need a gluten-free dessert recipe! It should be fairly easy and require as few specialized ingredients as possible.

We're getting together with a few people this weekend, one of whom does not eat gluten. I'd like to make something everyone can enjoy. I'll have very little time to go grocery shopping beforehand, so I want to stick to recipes that have easy-to-find ingredients.

My baking/cooking skills are adequate; I'm generally good at following recipes, but I've screwed up a few of the recipes I've recently tried, so I'd like to err on the side of simplicity.

There will be a toddler, too, so ideally I'd like to make something that both adults and kids would like, and that isn't super sugary.

Right now I'm thinking about making a fruit salad, but if you have any ideas I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks in advance!
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Make an Eton mess. Get pre-made meringues, and it's about as easy as can be.
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Flourless chocolate cake. This is my go-to recipe for that, it's very forgiving.
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Peanut butter cookies!

Cup of peanut butter, cup of sugar, egg. Mix, form into a dozen cookies (squish with a fork so they look right), bake until done on parchment.

They're so good, and so simple.
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This might look complicated but it's actually pretty hard to mess up and is totally. amazing.

Rice pudding is a decent option too.
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Oooh, I've gotcha! Make a trifle! So easy and you can put almost anything you like in it. If you're in the U.S. those store bought Jello brand pudding cups are gluten free. Go to the store, get your favorite flavor(s) of pudding cups -- you can even get sugarless if you want to lighten it up--, some Cool Whip, a carton of strawberries (or raspberries, blackberries, ripe bananas, or a mixture), a pack of gluten free Oreo-type cookies (most grocery stores should have at least one brand such as Newman's, Glutino, or Kinnikinnick). Maybe some chopped pecans, maybe some shaved chocolate. Then you go home and get out a pretty glass dish. Crush up those faux-oreos into pieces and slice your strawberries. Then in the bottom of your dish, spread a layer of pudding, then arrange a layer of berries, layer of cool whip, sprinkle with crushed cookies. If there's room put down another layer of pudding, fruit, cookies. Spread the top evenly with the last of the cool whip, and sprinkle prettily with nuts or chocolate shavings. Ta-da! A dessert that anyone will eat including kids and it only takes 10 minutes to make. I make this often and everyone loves it.
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Try looking for Passover recipes, too; you just have to omit the ones that call for matzoh meal. Lots of almond cakes, rice cakes, etc. This is a good option (even better if you separate the eggs).
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Poached pears are incredibly easy, quick, unexpected, and delicious.
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Here's a simpler recipe -- and I think this one is what we actually used. It was amazing.
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Nthing "Eton Mess", nthing poached pears.


Panna cotta, which is basically like making jello from scratch only you use flavored milk instead of water or juice. Blancmange is similar, and very "proper British".

Heck, making jello from scratch. You get some of those unflavored gelatin packets, you get some fruit juice, you get some sugar, heat the juice in a pot, stir in the gelatin and sugar until they melt, pour it into a mold. Bam.

Pots de creme are about as easy, and if you have a blender and really hot coffee, you don't really need to "cook" things - just follow the recipe on that link.
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Chocolate truffles are a favorite of mine. You can add a splash or two of raspberry/coconut/any flavoring to make different varieties. The recipe I link to is specific about the type of chocolate to use, but really, go with any chocolate you like! They would go well with fruit salad, too.
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High-quality vanilla gelato or ice cream, served with berries (frozen is fine) that have been cooked down with a bit of sugar (or bourbon or rum, if you want to do a separate adults' version) and fresh lemon juice over low heat.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'm strongly leaning towards poached pears, but these are all exactly what I'm looking for.
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Make rice with coconut milk and maple syrup. Top with toasted coconut. Add cherries and chocolate if if you want. Serve warm. Can also be served cold.
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I like the idea of your fruit salad. Add a big bowl of homemade whipped cream (don't overwhip) with a drop of vanilla, mint leaves, and maybe vanilla ice cream. People could serve themselves.
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Smitten Kitchen chocolate chip meringues. So good and so easy.
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If you like panna cotta, I can send you my recipe for coconut panna cotta with mango.

Also that.. that is not a trifle, which is made with custard and whipped cream. Trifle doesn't lend itself well to GF diets, as it requires the presence of cake or ladyfingers.
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Almond Cookies

150 g sliced raw almonds
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg white

Beat egg white and sugar until frothy. Add almonds. Drop tablespoons or clumps onto cookie sheet. If desired, dust with cinnamon.

Bake at 350 for ˜20 minutes or until crispy on the edges.

These are amazing and super simple to make.
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Chocolate-dipped strawberries is my go-to.
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Chocolate pavlova! So easy. Top with fruit and whipped cream, or whatever you like.
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This might be a bit rich for the toddler, but this chocolate mousse is MAGICAL.
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Almond pine nut cookies!
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You can make brownies with just Nutella and eggs. They have a slightly different texture from regular brownies but are delicious.
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Coconut Macaroons! Super simple, very tasty. For bonus fun, melt chocolate to either drizzle on top or to dip the bottoms into (then put on a silicone baking mat or waxed paper until it hardens).
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