dream slippers are escaping me
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I saw a pair of slippers in a random photo and became obsessed. Can you help me find a pair that looks like these? Everything I've managed to find is totally dissimilar - just one big embroidered area in the middle, or totally different shape, or totally different style. I'm hoping someone here has a better idea of where to look.
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Those look like the kind of thing you can find for $8 at random tiny shops in Chinatown. (Um, Chinatown L.A., that is.)
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Crane Design slippers from Pearl River. Plum Blossom are also nice.
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Brocade slippers is the search term you need to be using, I think. These or these seem very similar.

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You guys are the best! The best! I think those Pearl River ones are actually the exact slippers in the picture! I am thrilled!
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