Looking for a law-nerd podcast
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I'm looking to diversify the podcasts I listen to on my commute - right now it's mainly media-related and comedy shows, with only Dan Carlin and the Bugle talking about real-world concerns. My job involves reading a tracking a lot of ongoing litigation (but I am not a lawyer) and I've gotten to really enjoy looking at those issues, so I'd like to add something about interesting current or historical court cases to my rotation. But I've had a hard time finding something that goes as far into the weeds as I'd like -- Dahlia Lithwick's Amicus, for instance, covers topics I'm interested in but doesn't tell me much that I didn't already know, while the Legal Talk Network has lots of deep-dive podcasts but they're all aimed at practicing lawyers. Is there a program out there that hits that sweet spot?
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If you're not listening to the Life of the Law cast, you might find it interesting.
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Supreme court landmarks
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