Good At-Home Jobs for the Disabled
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Hi, I struggle with chronic illness and disability and have one very part-time job that I split my time between attending in person and working from home. I need to bring in some more money, however, though I'm not expecting anything grand income wise. Ideally I'm looking for jobs that have enough work available that you can sign in or pick up an hour or two or three of work without the obligation of sticking to meeting a set schedule each week. It's hard because my illness is so unpredictable. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I have worked with telecommute jobs before but what I can't handle right now is an assignment that I have time to work on. I am really just looking for something administrative and even somewhat boring. Hopefully something that doesn't involve phone calls.

Also, I have a BA in English and am pursuing my Master's of Library Science. I have a lot of experience with freelance writing, and also with administrative assistant work, but right now I just cannot handle that.

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I've been looking too. Flex jobs is supposed to be really good. You can search on there but you have to pay to be a member to apply which sucks. I wonder if anyone else here can say if it's as good as the hype.
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I am a web developer so I deal with a lot of SEO consultants and they are all (a) remote and (b) all about good copy writing. Another advantageous thing about it is that you can easily find a couple of small projects to do for free and voila, there is your portfolio. As far as a "schedule", there is no schedule to speak of, it's all project-based.
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Sounds like transcription would fit what you are looking for almost perfectly. Some companies out there assign jobs, but many just let you log in and pick up jobs as you wish.
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Best answer: Leapforce is basically exactly what you want. I worked very briefly for them (and longer for Butler Hill/Appen, but that required at least 4 hours a day) as a search engine evaluator about 5 years ago during a period of unemployment. They love people with an MLS for these types of jobs.
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Could Malleable or anyone expand on "transcription"? What it is and how and where to log in and pick up jobs? Please?
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Transcribing audio files into text.

See, for example, odesk. Also this workathomemoms article.
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