Looking for a service that draws comic panels as a gift.
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I've googled, del.icio.us'd, mefi'd, etc, etc I'm looking for a Web site that offered to draw a comic book style panel of someone's life as a gift. Anyone? Anyone?

As I remember it you could send in a short bio and they would illustrate it. Kind of a "this is your life" in eight panels or less.
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Best answer: Your Comic World?
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Response by poster: Yes! that's totally it. thank you hivemind! So sorry to waste your time
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Response by poster: Also, laura sent me this via email:

Custom Comics at Elsewares</a<
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Just fyi, I found the one I linked to by googling "custom comic" life panels - it was the third return. My google fu is strong, grasshopper.
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If you're looking for something a little cheaper, you might try the Something Awful Forums a try if you're a member. There's a lot of talented artists in the fine arts subforum. I got a nice cell shaded pic of my girlfriend based on a picture of her. I put up a couple pics of her on my webspace and offered $5 to the best two.
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Cat and Girl's author does something similar, but with her life.
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I can totally proof read.

You probably wouldn't want to sign up to the forums just to get the comic done though as it'll cost you an additional $10 and they take some getting used to.
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