What's the best method of mastering tracks made in Garageband?
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What's the best, easiest method of mastering tracks that were mixed in Garageband?

I have started to release some of my own songs, but I'm at a novice level enough that I don't want to pay someone to master them. I realize I mixed them a little low and they could use a bit of overall compression and mastering before exporting and sharing them on the web.

For a novice Garageband user who doesn't want anything overly complex and technical, what is the best method of mastering a few tracks? Are there mastering modules that work with GB? Or separate free (or low-paid) apps that would help me make the final export louder and more dynamic?
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You could check out this website: https://www.wavemod.com/
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If you want free + quick + dirty = Landr
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(which I found out about courtesy of someone on MeFi Music)
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Garageband supports AU plugins. You can find various lists of free AU plugins to download, like this one.

I'd recommend checking out LoudMax for a brickwall limiter, and the Kotelnikov Compressor and SlickEQ from Tokyo Dawn Labs.
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Would it be possible to remix them before you hit them with a mastering stage? Just that it's easier to fix mix issues while mixing if you have the option.
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