Provincetown off-season
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I'm thinking about heading to Provincetown, MA next week for a thesis-writing getaway. How's the Boston-Provincetown bus, where can I eat and how's the cell service?

I'm in Boston and would like to get away for a couple of days to do some thesis writing over my spring break. Mid-week, off-season Provincetown seems like it would be a good fit for a variety of reasons -- quiet, walkable (no car here), on the beach, etc.

However, before I commit, I had a couple of questions:

1. I don't have a car and don't want to rent one for cost reasons. I'm thinking of taking the Plymouth and Brockton bus from Boston to Provincetown on Wed morning and back on Fri afternoon. I have generally a good tolerance for buses (have taken Bolt, Megabus, etc. multiple times). This seems like the best option -- unless there's anything I should know about it? (Will traffic coming back to Boston on a March Friday around 5 be absolutely awful?)

2. I have Verizon and it is REALLY important for me to have reliable cell service in case I need to do phone interviews then. I will be likely be staying on Commercial St near the pier -- will I have any issues?

3. Where would you recommend eating? It seems like tons of places are closed for the winter. I'd likely be there next week, eat everything and particularly enjoy seafood and seafood shacks.

4. Anything else I should know? Is this a great or terrible idea?
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I take the P&B bus every summer while on vacation and think it's generally a nice bus. Comfortable seats and usually quiet, so about all you can ask for from a bus! I've also taken the bus back to Logan on a Friday and don't recall it being horribly delayed, although I did take one bus earlier than I needed.

Verizon has excellent service on the Cape. I only have problems getting service at some of the low-lying beaches in Eastham, never had a problem in Ptown.

I only know summer restaurants, so I can't help you with that, sorry!
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No personal experience, myself, but have you considered the ferry? More expensive ($88 vs. $56 round-trip) but faster (1.5 hr. on ferry vs. 3 hours on the bus.)
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Response by poster: in278s: I actually love taking ferries and would absolutely do that, but unfortunately they only seem to run in the high season (May to October)!
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It's more expensive than the bus (roughly $180 round trip), but there's also a plane that goes between Boston and Ptown. The flight takes about 30 mins.
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The bus is fine. The plane is a hoot, it's a 6-seater and if you're nice you can sit in the co-pilot's seat! The view coming into P-town's little airport over the dunes is great, and gives you a nice sense of scale and context.

Verizon is OK on Commercial St.

Walk or bike out to the Rt. 6 end of Shank Painter Rd. to Mac's for excellent seafood and sushi. The Squealing Pig near you on Commercial Street is homey for pub grub and beer, all the locals are there. Napi's is upscale/quirky but quite good. I think the restaurant at the Crown & Anchor is open too.
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I don't know what your price range for food is, but The Mews is one of my favorite restaurants.
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Just confirming that Verizon has great service in Ptown.

Also - yes, the Mews. It can be pricey, but sit at the bar and have some apps if you aren't looking to spend a lot of cash. Front Street on Commercial is also open year-round (or was, definitely check). I know someone who loves the tea duck there.

The Squealing Pig is open. It's an Irish pub with good food and a pretty friendly bar, I'd definitely check it out. Have fun--Ptown is lovely any time of the year.
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