Any informed assessments of Allied Insurance?
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I can get somewhat cheaper auto insurance from Allied, but have not heard of this company. Googling for reviews get mixed results. Has anyone had experience with them - customer service, paying claims, etc.?
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I buy my insurance through an independent broker who works with a bunch of different companies but isn't biased towards any one of them in particular. I don't pay anymore than I would buying directly from the company and it gives me an expert to shop around for me. Allied covered both of our cars and our renter's policy for about two years. Our broker actually steered us away from a different company that was slightly cheaper because Allied had better customer service and he had had some issues with auto policies and this other company before (I don't remember which company). I never filed a claim while I was under their coverage but I found their website very usable and never had any issues with them and I trust my broker to give me good advice (he is one of my wife's former co-workers).

We only switched because another company had cheaper rates and he said that they are just as good so if the next time we're up for renewal we can get a better deal with Allied, we'll absolutely switch back.
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Thanks, VTX! I won't mark this resolved yet, in case of others' experiences, but that was just what I hoped to hear.
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FYI, Allied is a subsidiary of Nationwide, a major national player.

But for information specific to you, go to the Tennessee Department Of Commerce And Insurance website. It has a consumer resources website. Find the "Complaint Data" link. Some states have their own database, but apparently TN uses a national database (NAIC).

From there I'm not sure if you need to look up Nationwide or Allied. The data for Allied Insurance Co of America doesn't look right. But if I look up Nationwide (Nationwide Affinity specifically), I can click on the "Closed Complaint Ratio Report" and then select "Private Passenger" to see how the company ranks.

Unfortunately this information isn't as good as what some states' own websites provide. Perhaps you can call the TN insurance department and ask for help.
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Be careful. There are many companies that have Allied in their name-some good some very bad.
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