Make me presentable in San Francisco - Beard and Haircut?
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In a few weeks I'm going to be in San Francisco for about 12 hours for a connecting flight. It will be just after a long no-shave camping trip and just before a set of client meetings that I have to be presentable for. At the moment I'm thinking about keeping the beard, so I'm looking for recommendations on shops (and specific barbers) who can take something from "just walked down from a mountain" scraggly to presentable without taking it all off. Flexible on location - anywhere from San Francisco down to Palo Alto.

I've read the previous questions - Tony DiCaro (who looks perfect) is unavailable that day, and there aren't too many specific barber recommendations for places like Daddy's.
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Fun hip swanky and a good hot shave: JP Kempt on Divisadero.

Cheap and reliable: Laura's on 24th.
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The best haircut I ever got and the hair stylist to which I will always return is from Lisa's Hair Design on Castro near Hot Cookie. Lisa and Jeanette are both great; Lisa is somewhat more experienced/talented. They take walk-ins, they're open on Saturdays, and while I don't believe they do hot shaves, they can likely clipper your beard into greater neatness. Haircuts run $18-25 or so depending on complexity.
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