Help me wear my ring!
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My mom recently gave me a ring that she's had for a while. It's a star sapphire with 2 tiny diamonds, set in a 10k white gold band. Therein lies the problem: I have a nickel allergy, and thus can't wear 10k gold. What do I need to know/what can I expect with regard to getting the stones set in a new band?

A few more details:
1. I have no trouble with my palladium wedding band, my stainless steel watch, and a necklace that I think is sterling silver (stamp on it says 925).
2. One jeweler gave me a few quotes to have the band re-done in "hypo-allergenic" 14k gold ($1600ish), 18k gold ($2000) and platinum (2250). This is too expensive for me, and it seems I could save a lot of money by going with a cheaper non-nickel-containing metal. Am I crazy for thinking this, or is it reasonable to think I could find someone who could set these stones in something like titanium?
3. Would really appreciate specific jeweler/metalsmith recommendations for DC. I'd be more comfortable dealing with this in person.
4. Mom is totally cool with me doing this.

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Best answer: Go to Afram Jewelers, 1436 New York Ave NW, (202) 347-0332. Sam will tell you what can be done. They are great.
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Could you consider coating the original band so the nickel isn't in contact with your skin. A rhodium plating would do this, though it would have to be redone every few years if you're wearing the ring regularly (it will wear off). There may be other coating materials.
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