Identify a comedian for me
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I have a clip of this standup act: Can anyone identify this act? I actually found this out once but lost the name of the comic. This was recorded in 2006. The comedian has another act along the same lines as this, but whereas this one is ultra generic, the other one is very overly specific to LA.
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I knew immediately that this was the amazing Andrew Daly performing as his character Jerry O'Hearn and I believe it's from the Comedy Death-Ray compilation album. I've probably listened to this bit about eight hundred times since I first heard it. Daly is one of the best.
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Yep, that's the great Andy Daly.

You might check out his Comedy Bang Bang podcast appearances, where he plays a series of twisted characters that all have strange things in common. He is easily one of CBB's best recurring guests.

He also has a hilarious Earwolf podcast of his own, the Podcast Pilot Project, where he does long form character improv with other amazing comics.
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Andy Daly on Never Not Funny. (Free stream from season 14)

And here he is again from the current season. (Free stream)

(If you subscribe to Never Not Funny you can listen in your favorite podcast app on your mobile device.)
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Andy Daly also stars in the show "Review" on Comedy Central, which is so brilliant and dark and wonderful. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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