Tool to coordinate a bachelor party planning for 20+ gents?
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Does anyone know of a good collaborative online resource that I could use to coordinate my brother's bachelor party? Essentially, I need to be able to coordinate schedules and accept suggestions and thoughts on what we can do. I'd think that there's a great collab website for this, but my google-fu is failing mightily. Help Askme-wan-kenobi, you're my only hope.
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Best answer: for coordinating dates.
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Best answer: I've used a shared google spreadsheet for this on multiple occasions. It may not be as slick as what you're looking for, but the basic strategy is:
- Put everyone's name on a row
- Figure out which basic dates work for the bachelor himself, throw a couple columns in for those, people can type "yes" if they're available that weekend. Whichever has the most "yes" in common, that's your date
- Throw in some columns for activity interest, i.e. "golf", "fishing", "mushrooms"
- The best bachelor parties, imo, have 1 planned dinner, 1 planned daytime activity, and the rest fill-in as the spirit moves you (but scope out the best bar areas beforehand)
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Best answer: seconding for dates/times
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Best answer: Taking stinkfoot's suggestion one step further: make a Google Form for the guests to fill out, and their responses will wind up in a Google Spreadsheet.
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Best answer: +1 on stinkfoot's & sunflower's suggestions of Google Sheets & Forms. I just finished planning a bachelorette party for 12 and they were invaluable for all stages of the planning process.
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Best answer: We used a Google site for our wedding website and a Google form to collect the RSVPs. It went together in about half an hour. So, thirding.
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Best answer: Nthing Google forms and sheets!
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