Where to find some speakers and receivers in Reno, NV?
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I recently went to the "Doctors' Wives" garage sale thing that was happening a couple of weeks ago and bought a nice pair of speakers for $20. They were a steal and although I have to do a minor amount of work on one of them, they're amazing! I hooked then up to my parents' amp and we've been having a great time with them. However, I didn't realize this garage sale was only once a year, and they had a lot of other nice, vintage speakers for $20. I want a pair for my room and a new amp so I can listen to music or the radio in bed. While craigslist has some good speakers and amps sometimes, and the SPCA also has some good stuff, I was curious if there was a store or another thrift store that sells that kind of stuff. Googling only returns Beat Buy and car audio places. Thanks!!
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I don't live too far from Reno (I'm up in Tahoe), but the first thing that came into mind was to check into the numerous pawn shops around Reno, especially near the casinos. I think back on the TV reality shows featuring pawn shops and they always have tons of electronics in great shape piled on the walls.
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Response by poster: Oh that's a great idea, I didn't think about that.
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I also check ebay with stuff in my local and WILL NOT SHIP somewhere in the ad. This is for finding woodstoves in Vermont but I bet would work for speakers in Reno.
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