Adware/malware in Safari?
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I was informed by the CIO that an email that I sent out of OWA from Safari, OSX Mavericks had dodgy source code attached. See a text file of source code.

I never thought I would have this problem! Anyway, here are the symptoms:

* email takes forever to load for receiver
* replicated the issue with safari, osx but not with other browsers or OS, nor other hardware
* I am updated on browser and operating system
* The ONLY extensions I had on Safari were WOT, Adware Blocker, DevonThink, 1Password

I have done the following:
* Apple Support Adware Removal Process (no folders found)
*Adware Medic
* Disabled all extensions in Safari

Hardware: macbook pro, i7

Halp! I am asymptomatic carrier of disease?!
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I've looked at the code, and it appears that Safari is including a bunch of styles on your email related to hiding ads.

Probably a result of your using Adware Blocker.

I can't guarantee it's not something else (there's a LOT of code there to look at!), but the huge block at the beginning of the code seems to just be vanilla CSS that is targeted at hiding ad-related things. Since it's such a crazy-long, kind of un-parsable block of code, it's no wonder your CIO flagged it as spammy.

I would try to disable your Adware Blocker, then send another message from OWA. That may fix your issue.
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Best answer: I think that is this (or this)?
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I agree with gregjones about the problem.
Incidentally the linked file appears to contain an actual work email message. If that's real data you may not want to share it here.
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Response by poster: Here is the updated link to the text file: dodgy email text file. and has been corrected in original link.
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Response by poster: For future users, it is indeed Adblock. Here is the discussion from Apple Forums. This does not happen with Firefox or Chrome, just Safari. I was freaking out about my machine's security. Thanks, all!
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Can you whitelist your OWA in Adblock?
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