Yo, dog. What's your name?
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Please help me give my awesomest new friend an equally awesome name!

Ok y'all. I recently adopted the most adorable freakin' puppy EVAR. Here are some pictures.
When my friend and I found him, we named him Pancake, sort of as a joke. It stuck. Now that he's growing, it's seeming like he's probably going to be pretty big. I'm not sure the name Pancake will fit him so much as an adult, so I've been trying to think of other names but I just can't decide! He's about 13 weeks now and I really need to start calling him something other than "Hey!" or "No don't chew that!"
So I humbly ask you, fellow mefites, to weigh in.

Here are some names we've been kicking around:


Im not set on any of those, either, so if anyone has other suggestions, they'd be very much appreciated! It's sort of hard to tell in the pictures, but he's got this really interesting coloring, sort of grey/brown/black, if that helps.

Aight! Let's get this puppy named already!
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How about Hank? He looks like a Hank and it's still got the same hard A sound as Pancake so it might not be too hard to change. Though if you've been calling him Pancake and you like it, you should keep it!

Picture of my dog, who is not named Hank.
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Best answer: I think Pancake is a really adorable name for him and will only get more adorable as he gets bigger.
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OMG he is adorable!

I noticed what looks like a Campbell's Tomato Soup poster on the wall in one picture -- what about Andy or Warhol?
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I think Skillet is really cute and funny for this dog.

He also has such a cute-serious face, so you could do the thing where he has a formal human name, like Gregory. Timothy. Jeremy. Joshua?
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If not Pancake, maybe Flapjack (Flappy or Jack for short)?
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Yeah I also got the formal name vibe. Lorenzo came to mind.

Or something like Bond (as in, James) because he might look like he's wearing a suit.
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I like Oliver, and maybe Rufus instead of Rufio. Maybe Duncan.
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Or Devon. Maybe Dixon. I'm getting a D vibe.
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That puppy's name is Rumpus.
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Ink Blot.

(CUTE PUPPY!!!!!!)
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I'd say stick with Pancake. Cute and unusual.

Except that this dog is obviously named Dave. (David for formal occasions).
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So his ears look like he's in the wind, so I thought Hurricane and then though Hurri. And you can yell "Come here, Hurri!" and "Hurri, Hurri, Hurri!".
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I'd also stick with Pancake!
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Jeff. Or Tony.
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Best answer: A dog like that needs a one of a kind name, I say stick with Pancake! Think of all the names that will turn into: "Sir Pan of Cakes", "Pan pan", "Pantuflas", and beyond. You should also remember that all pets' names are made into songs by inserting their name into whatever tune you have in your head--"Pancake" is great for that.

Or is that just me?
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I really like Pancake.

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Oh, please! His name is Pancake! He told you that right in the beginning, why would you go against his wishes?

Derail: pet naming questions are some of my very favorite Asks.
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Pancake, obviously. Pupcake. Puppypan-squash. Pfannkuchen!
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Keeps the same sounds as Pancake but kinda... cooler. And might suit him better when he's full-grown. (Lots of interesting associations with mandrakes, too!).

But also don't be afraid to nickname him as you please -- and add new ones as you go along. He won't notice any difference between terms of endearment like "buddy" and "who's-the-bestest-dog-EVER" from other (nick)names like "Bean" or "Captain Stroopwafel" or "who's-the-Skilletiest-Oliver-EVER?" Especially if said during skritches (OMG so cute, congrats!).
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I think his name is Mister Wizard. I cannot explain why.
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I have to vote for Skillet.
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I totally think Pancake is the right name for him. But if you'd prefer a formal human name thingy: he's a William. To me.

/me faints from cuteness
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He looks like a Jake to me. Kindly give him a skritch on my behalf.
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You could: (a) stay with Pancake, or (b) go with Scout!

Your puppy. That face. Those eyes. Swoon. Melting.
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What's wrong with calling him Pancake?

And if he is anything like my three dogs, he will end up with a hundred different nicknames.

For example -- Chloe, Cuckoo, Fuzzybutt, Barky McBarkington, Harley, Wiggles, and Official Spokesdog are all the same dog. (She barks at me when ANY of my dogs needs to go pee or poop.)
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(Oh, and when they all start barking their heads off, I say I'm "being treated to the musical stylings of Barky Bark and the Noisy Bunch." I don't really know which of them is Barky Bark.)
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I think he looks like a Zeke/Ezekiel/The Big Z.
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I like Pancake, too. Regarding how well the name "fits" him--whatever you call him, eventually it'll fit so well that you won't think twice about it, even if he grows into a great huge floppy dog. And Pancake is cute on just about all dogs.

For example, my dog, who is composed primarily of bone, eyes, and ears, is named Tribble. People have one of two reactions when they meet her: either they ask "Dribble/Trouble/Treble"? and are generally confused what the word is, or they're Trekkies who stare at my dog, stare at me, and go "...why did you name that dog Tribble?" Doesn't matter, though. Now, when people talk about Star Trek Tribbles being cute and round and fluffy, I get confused for a minute because wait are they talking about my dog?? And other people who know the dog well have the same reaction. It fits her because it gets used so much, you form a default connection.

...that said, next time I name a dog after something nerdy, by god it's going to be a nerdy thing people can actually spell.
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I have a big doofus named Donut. Her sister is Strudel, and when we get a new dog, her name will be Toast or Waffles. Breakfast foods dogs are the best. I vote for keeping Pancake.
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Pancake works. Or Mittens. He looks like a "Mittens" to me. (Because of the mittens, I think that's what makes him look that way).
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I'm also in favor of Pancake, but if you insist on changing it, Zevon or Jack totally work.

My puppy has about 12 names that she answers to (schmoo, schmookie, doodle, bug, boo, Mitzi, doodly-doo, Mitzi-doodle-the wonder poodle, etc.), so don't worry too much about whatever you decide.
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I like Rufio, but it will sound a lot like Rubio. How about Rufus? I had a pet named Rufus once. He was the best.
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Pancake is an amazing name for a dog (I am 1000% in support of naming pets after food). If it were me, though, I'd name him Max or Samson.

Lord, you got a cutie on your hands. Lucky lucky you!
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Danny Glover
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Best answer: Banjo.
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Mastur... I mean... That's Rodney!
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Pancake. Definitely.
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OMG Skillet Skillet Skillet Skillet Skillet. That's the perfect dog name. Do it. I also think Pancake would be great as a long term name, but there's more of a niche market for the dog-name Pancake. Some people just won't understand, and they will ask you, "Why did you name him Pancake?" Skillet will be more likely to be universally recognized for its dog naming brilliance. He does look cool enough to pull off Pancake, though.
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Or Skillet Pancake _________ (last name)
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I actually don't see this cute little guy as a Pancake. I see him more as a Rufus, Bean, Bear, Boo, Gus, Finn, Buster (short for Buster Keaton), Floyd, Emmet

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Sir Skillet Pancake the Bold.

Pancake is outstanding, but if you're still hesitating, here's --> Aloysius (say ah-low-EH-shusss)
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Pancakes can get pretty big. Also, if people give you the "why Pancake?" thing, you can tell them you got him on (or near) Shrove Tuesday, because you wanted to give up wearing un-chewed shoes for Lent.
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He is adorable! How about Cato or Ajax?
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You could shorten it to Pan, as in 'Pan's Labryinth'; which is what you could theoretically call your backyard if you've been a bit lax in cleaning up after him.
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I met a dog named Tuna Fish last night, which seems very odd, so I say go with Pancake.
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He looks like an Arlo to me.
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Goober. Or Gomer.
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He looks like a Nelson to me. Plus, then you get to address him as "Admiral".

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Best answer: He has a very stoic look - I'd be inclined to call him Butler.
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He has a very stoic look - I'd be inclined to call him Butler.

Jeeves! Jeeves would be a good dog name, but only if he would always obviously definitely bring you your slippers or else obviously definitely would never bring you your slippers.
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I have a dog named Bert. Bert Ocean to be precise

Although your dog doesn't look like my dog he definitely looks like a Bert. Added bonus is you get to say "Hey Bert!" just like Ernie from Sesame Street every time you talk to him.
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Churchill called his depression a "big, black dog". I always wanted to have a big, black dog so I can call him Churchill.
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Ollie would also suit him!
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I like Pancake too.

Or Hank. Or Murphy!
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Response by poster: Aww thanks everyone for the great suggestions, and for sharing pics of your own precious puppies! I'm loving Banjo and Butler, so I'll probably end up calling him one of those! And of course he'll always be my little pancake, no matter how big he gets. You guys are great! Muah!
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