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I'm thinking about getting a waterproof radio (DAB or FM) or mp3 player for my lunchtime swims. I was looking at the Speedo Aquabeat but reviews seem quite mixed. Are there any other options, or should I go for it?
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Did you see this round-up from DC Rainmaker? It's a few years old but lists a few other options, and he has very exhaustive reviews (at least from a tri perspective.)
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Obligatory Wirecutter 'best in this category' roundup link.

They recommend the Neptune by Finis.
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In my experience all underwater headphones are bad, it just varies how bad they are. The least worse ones were the XSories Aqua Note, which have been discontinued now.
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Following the previous advice, I bought the Neptune Finis. It's great if you stay underwater with flip turns as the sound stays constant (the sound travels via vibrations on your cheekbone, so you don't have to worry about ear buds) and is really great. If you're having a lazy day or might just like to take a quick breather at the end of the pool, it can be a little annoying as it is hard to hear the sound amplification above the usual din at the pool (if you have a busy pool).

I had to return my first pair to the company after they quit working, which seems to be a regular thing based on Amazon reviews, and am two workouts into my new pair. Fingers crossed on the new one, the company seems to blame the previous malfunction on a bad batch that went out last year.

If you're willing to deal with customer service if they don't work and are mostly underwater, I'd recommend the Finis. It's a little clunky to upload music if you're used to an iPhone, but it's easy enough.
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Response by poster: The Finis looks interesting. I was looking at one for £16 on Amazon UK but not sure if it was cheap for a reason, despite the positive reviews.
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Response by poster: Sorry, should have said - I'd prefer something I can clip on my suit or wear on a band rather than something involving goggles. I don't like wearing goggles.
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mippy: are you swimming with your head in the water? because most/all waterproof headphones are designed for that. some won't work out of the water.
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