Help me fulfill my partner's fantasy in the most creative ways possible
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NSFW. My SO recently confessed a sexual fantasy of his which requires some advance brainstorming on my part, as it centers around a sexy game. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Specifically, he is interested in a game that focuses on either making him come as fast as possible, as many times as possible within a given timeframe, or seeing how long he can hold out before coming.

(Not really interested in manufactured sexy board games but might be open to using elements of card games or dice.)

Other than just setting a timer and getting down to business (which seems a little too straightforward and boring for my tastes) what are some thoughts for making this interesting? Rules/rewards/roleplaying that fits in with gaming/twists on the genre?

He likes power play (as both sub and dom) as well as restraints, anal play, and toys. Feel free to email at throwaway if you don't want to post here. Thanks!
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If this is his fantasy, hasn't he already spent a lot of time imagining how it might work? I bet he has more ideas than we do.
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Ditto to lollusc. A substantial part of assisting in fulfilling fantasy is simply being observant, and assembling pieces that are already prepared for you. But not everyone broadcasts the proper ingredients, so...
There's a lot left open here, but in the spirit of early morning pervy brainstorming:

"Carnival tickets"
Earn / deduct points based over some period of time based on behavior. Maybe points are recorded in a book, maybe they're physical tickets, maybe they're tally marks on his ass. Points are earned however you please, as a reward for doing something (chores?), or maybe for not doing something. Points either add up towards the same thing (e.g. minutes of activity x), or can be traded in at different levels for different activities, like prizes at a carnival, or in-app purchases if you're feeling cynical. Either way, he'd be balancing a temptation to cash-in vs holding out for longer/the next level.

Scavenger hunts are flexible, supposing you can find a suitable end-activity that requires multiple pieces.

Might be fun to have a game that really does have risk and reward. e.g. Some sort of target based toss (skee-ball, darts, etc) with certain areas resulting in actual drudgery. The moment of relief accompanying a "win" is exaggerated by the fact that it has been preceded by actual loss, and the accompanying. Random (dice) would work here too, but I think a skill challenge connects to the senses better.

Timers don't have to be boring. Analog stop watches make a nice ticking noise, which can be used to space out other activity, whether it's breathplay, a vibrator, whatever. Could be as simple as a series of intervals like: 5 seconds of hitachi, 5 off, 10 on, 10 off, 20 on, 20 off, 40 on, 40 off. Either arbitrarily set, or by some sort of rule, so he knows where it's headed ("OMG, the next one will be 30 minutes, I can't wait...")

Now for breakfast...
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Rather than a timer (which I agree isn't very sexy), why not an externally-imposed timeframe? Like, it's 6pm and you have reservations for dinner at 7, so you effectively have a timer without having to just set the egg timer on the bedside table.
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This is a strange source of inspiration (maybe) but there is a scene at the beginning of Stephen King's Pet Sematary involving a delayed-orgasm hand job in the tub that was....intense.
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Seeing how long he can make it without coming is going to take him sharing with you his honest and accurate feedback, absolutely in real time, to the instant. He's the one that is in the roller-coaster car, he's ridden that roller-coaster for many years, he knows where the crest is, the point beyond which there is no holding the car from the screaming joy in the fall.

He's got to trust you totally, give you absolute here/now feedback, so you can ease back down that track just the slightest, ease the car back slowly, two, maybe three inches back from the crest. Hold that position, the shortest while. And then take the car up an eighth of an inch every tiny sliver of time, then down a sliver of time, eyes locked into his. Again, it is for him to tell you in absolute here/now as you hit that last edge before freefall.

The intense intimacy you will be sharing -- that will change his freefall point; he's going to have to be absolutely observant, and communicative with you, very, very close to you.

Have fun!
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No real suggestions, but some ideas to play with...

It sounds like the sort of thing that might combine well with any other fantasies or particular tastes he may have. When he thinks he's exhausted/has it under control, you ramp it up with something unexpected.

He kind of sounds like he might be an electrostim candidate. By reputation, that can make you come more or less whether you want to or not, and overcomes the refractory period in some/many men. "If you come, I'm turning it up...". "If you otherwise lose the game, I'm turning it up...". But I'm sure you'd have to practice with it beforehand.

There's a tentacle porn trope where the first person to come loses a combat. But I'm not sure how you could use that.
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If you like porn, you could do it along the lines of a many-a-tv-based-drinking game. Every time a character says X or does Y or whatever your criteria he has to . . . . You could also do that to a non-porn movie/show, but make sure you don't chose something you don't want to associate with sex forever.
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This seems to be designed for more than two people, but it may at least give you some ideas: Living Board (VERY NSFW).
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@dancestoblue: That sounds like a fantastic game that would be a lot of fun for everyone involved!
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@dancestoblue: That sounds like a fantastic game that would be a lot of fun for everyone involved!
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It is absolutely fun but it's a lot more than that, too. Intimacy squared. Cubed maybe. I learned it dating a woman who had such a hard time letting go, by herself, with others, any time; she was this total powerhouse of style and achievement and smarts but she was wound very tight, German-American but heavy on the German, maybe 44 years old, I was maybe 37. That night, those were some of the closest moments we had.

It wasn't planned, things just started happening, I sat on her couch, she's laid across me, I start loving on her, and kept loving on her, holding with her, telling her again and again hey, just let it land, no hurry, nowhere to be, it's a butterfly, just let it land on you, stay here Sweetie, right here, easy, just us here, no hurry, let it land on you ...

It was astounding. She arched, I swear it was just her feet and hands touching that couch, she was levitating. We had some hard times, neither of us are easy people, but we had our moments, and those moments that night with her were incredibly intimate. I just can't recommend this highly enough.
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