Not having a shrink is driving me crazy...
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Shrink me: I had to reschedule a long-awaited appointment with a new shrink because of a work conflict, and it'll be two weeks before I can see another person.

I called another clinic my insurance recommended, but they're booked up even longer. I'm not suicidal, but I am feeling like I need to get in to see someone soon, if only because I'm in a fair deal of emotional tumult and would like some help making the hurting go away. Any tips for getting in to see someone this week? Ideally they'd be close to home, kind, and serve ice cream...
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Where do you live?
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Does your employer have an employee assistance program? They can sometimes get you a same day appointment. Granted this wouldn't be a psychiatrist, but a good chat with a psychologist might do you some good while you wait for your other appointment.
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Are you spiritual at all? Maybe a visit to your local pastor/rabbi/whatever, or a meditation class, would help tide you over. Good luck.
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It may be possible that your local mental health center is able to see you within one-two days. At least you would have a chance to review your situation and get some relief. They probably would have some v qualified and experienced persons on staff.
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Even if you are not religious or spiritual, you might find a church-affiliated counseling program that can fit you in as an emergency - maybe just talking to someone caring would help. And if your insurance wont cover it, if money is a concern they usually have a sliding fee scale.
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To tide you over: maybe look for gender-based support groups that have regular and open meetings. You might be able to just pop in after work and talk to some kind faces, no matter what issues you're currently dealing with.

missmerry, I think you might have mixed up psychiatrist and psychologist in your above comment...
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Your best bet is Walk-In Counseling Center at 24th and Chicago--you can get seen right away, and they have excellent staff. Alternatively, I'd try phoning Neighborhood Involvement Program, 612-374-3125, and see how quickly they can get you in. But Walk-In would be my top recommendation. Good luck!
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You don't have to be suicidal to call a crisis hotline.
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I'd check with your work first. A lot of companies either have shrinks on staff, or can get you a referral that will get you an appointment a lot faster than an off-the-street phone call.

If that doesn't work, Zed_Lopez has a good suggestion. I've known some people who work at crisis hotlines and they deal with a myriad of different support needs (and the less drastic issues are a welcome relief) and they might provide the relief valve that will hold you over until the re-scheduled appointment.

Last, check with a local church or community group. See if there are any postings for support groups that are meeting soon. Even if they are not what you're after topic wise, sitting down with a sympathetic ear may, again, hold you over to a later appointment with the re-scheduled therapist.

Good luck, I hope everything works out well.
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Kat Allison, thank you so much for letting me know about that resource. I'm heading over there tomorrow afternoon, and I feel better knowing it's an option. And it's great to know that I can see someone at the Neighborhood Involvement Program--it's funny; I've been donating my receipts from Kowalski's there forever, and I live around the corner, but I had no idea they had so many resources.

Zed_Lopez, I've programmed that number into my phone but felt better after a good long cry--but it sure helps to know it's an option I can carry in my pocket via cell phone. Like an insurance policy...

I'm thinking that I'd like to see an independent shrink instead of the big-building doc-in-a-box the insurance referred me to when I called. I'm going to call a couple of people tomorrow; does anyone have an idea about whether or not it'll take longer to get an appointment with someone in a smaller practice? Might it be worth it to wait for someone I'm excited to see, or is it better to go with someone who's there and then think about a change?
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Shrinks, both the private practice types and those working for larger organizations can be incredibly hit-or-miss regarding quality and couchside manner.

In parts of the US, many of the better ones are refusing to take insurance- you can pay out of pocket and you get what you pay for.
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