Best editor for H.264 video?
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I have a Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000 Camcorder (8 or so years old). Its video comes out in H.264 format (unfortunately)...

I'm going to be doing some interviews with people and I'll have to do some simple editing. What would be a preferred editing program?

I have Sony Vegas but have never been able to deal with it, maybe because of the H.264 format (or because I couldn't figure out Sony Vegas). I am usually on a PC but I have a 4-year-old Apple MacBook available which might have come with iMovie (I think iMovie is bundled with those laptops, is that right?)

So any suggestions for easy-ish editing, that is, simple cuts, a few titles, with this dumb compressed format?

Thank you.
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pretty solid list of H.264 utilities here

AviDemux is easy to use, free and cross platform
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Imovie should work, yes, and is not very hard to figure out. It even comes with a simple tutorial to get you started. Anything more advanced, or specific questions, just Google it. The main problem with it is export, it's obnoxiously called 'share' and is rather opaque. Like, 'medium' and 'large' are how big exactly? Count on a few trial runs to get the output settings you need.
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