70's Wallpaper replacement
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This is the wallpaper in my bedroom. It was there when I moved in, and was put up pre-1982. Any idea where to get more, as it's probably due to be replaced. I did try googling "peacock mylar 70's wallpaper" but did not find it, other search terms would be appreciated.
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Doing a search for "Art Deco Wallpaper" will definitely net some similar results.
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How about this stuff?
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Yeah, that's definitely art deco.
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As for getting more of it, if you can't find a manufacturer there's always Spoonflower (talk with customer service regarding the mylar aspect).
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That style would be called "fan" or "feather fan" if that helps your search.
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I found some that are similar in spirit through this google search and this pinterest page. Good luck! That pattern is phenomenal.
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Best answer: If you do decide to make your own replica, this "design your own wallpaper" site has Mylar available as one of the options.
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"Shell" or "fan" might also be good search terms for this motif -

Bradbury seems to have a few metallic fan patterns, among their art deco wallpapers.

Here's a collection of various art deco wallpapers including a few that are fan-shaped.

Some diamond pattern art deco wallpapers here.

Rolls of vintage wallpaper at etsy, with sooort of similar design.
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Seconding Spoonflower. You can upload a photo and recreate the pattern that way.
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Response by poster: Thanks to Sonny Bono, I won't be able to replace my wallpaper until about 2076.

Based on your search suggestions I found an etsy listing with a similar wallpaper that had the manufacturer's label.
I was able to contact the company to see if they were still making it, or had old stock. They did not. Since the "make your own" sites require permission from the copyright holder, I asked for a contact to get permission. The director of design replied "We generally don’t grant permission for releasing our IP."
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