Are you able to help me with my March Madness?
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You are not in my pool (YANIMP). Please help me with my bracket.

Typically I pick the higher rated seed, a couple of 5-12 and 7-10 upsets, and I have the 1 or 2 seed in each division heading to the Final Four. I haven’t really won a lot with this strategy. I also have a problem with picking teams that I want to win versus teams that are likely to win.

I’m only a casual NCAA mens college basketball fan, so I would appreciate any insight that someone more into college hoops might have into this year’s tournament. Who’s this year’s Cinderella story?

Thanks for any advice you might have.
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Best answer: Starting here and adjusting according to your favored long shots or close-to-even breaks isn't a bad way to go.
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I would pick at least one team outside the 1 or 2 seed to advance to the Final Four.
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Best answer: This is all, of course, my opinion, so YMMV, but:

Kentucky has a very easy run to the FF and probably to the finals. They're undefeated for a reason but it's not because they are unbeatable. (SOS)

Duke is not as strong as they are ranked, so they're probably not going to go very far (EE). The Zags are way better than Duke is. Georgetown, Maryland and SMU are also overrated. UCLA probably shouldn't be in the tournament. Notre Dame is a very good team this year but they're in a tough region.

Michigan State vs Virginia is going to be a battle, and UVA lost to MSU last year in the tournament.

And it can't hurt to check out 538.
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Profs' Picks is another very good place to study.
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Kenpom is also an excellent resource.
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I couldn't tell you the difference between basketball and hockey but 538 has won me a few office bracket pools.
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