Opening all instances of an application all at once in Windows 8
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I recently started using a Windows 8 PC, and something I miss in the move from OS X is the ability to pull up all instances of an app with a single click. Can I get Windows to mimic this behavior?

That is to say, in OS X, if I have three Finder windows open, when I click Finder on the dock (or CMD+tab over to Finder from another app) all three windows will come to the foreground. In Windows 8, when I click the taskbar button for a set of windows grouped together, I have to open each window separately (e.g., this gif). In the case of this gif, I would like both Explorer windows to open at the same time.

Is there any workaround to help me avoid this small inefficiency? Or is it a fundamental difference in OSes that can never be resolved (apps vs. instances)? Thanks!
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Best answer: How about Shift + Right-click on the taskbar button and then choose "Restore all windows" from the context menu?

There are some other options there as well.
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