Dog-proof couch recommendations?
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Our well-worn 12-year old Pottery Barn leather couch is on its last legs, and we are searching for a dog-friendly replacement that will stand up to claws, hair, and other associated dog-related dangers.

We're about to start shopping for a new couch, and we're looking for something made of a very tough fabric--we found the leather of our last couch to be pretty tough to keep clean and healthy. We're looking for something made of a tough canvas-like material. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are fans of traditional styles, with rolled arms and probably not the "overstuffed" style with the large detachable cushions on the back.

Something like this probably embodies the style we want:

But what we're really concerned about is fabric durability and ease of cleaning. We have an Aussie and a Flat-coated Retriever, and they are usually allowed on the couch if they want. We would prefer not to use a slipcover, unless it's really well-integrated into the design of the couch and doesn't *look* like it is wearing a slipcover. We can probably spend up to $2,000, if it's worth the price. Thanks!
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Have you considered Arhaus? They make furniture with custom fit slipcovers that come off for washing. They wash like a dream. Variety of styles and a huge variety of fabric patterns. We've had one sofa, one love seat and one ottoman with many cats, dogs, pocket pets, etc. Our sofa is 14 years old. We're on our second set of coverings.
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I seem to recall some sort of sofa padding on sale on right now.
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I was reading through random old askme posts, and came across Home Reserve. The concept seems pretty cool, they have "pet-safe" fabrics (water/stain-resistant), and replaceable bits. I haven't experienced them, but might be something to consider. This seems similar to what you linked, at least in appearance.
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I've stuck with leather as, with 2 boxers who believe the sofas to be their personal property, it is easiest to keep clean. It is also least "porous" meaning that hair and dander probably don't work their way between surface and stuffing.
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