non iTunes music player that allows me to do three specific things ...
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After years of avoiding iTunes 11, a new laptop (Windows 8) has recently forced my hand. Needless, to say I'm unimpressed. More to the point, as a semi-pro-DJ who works from rather large playlists and loves working with shuffled playlists, I have some rather particular needs ...

Those needs:

1. I must be able to shuffle a playlist and SEE THAT PLAYLIST IN THE SHUFFLED ORDER

2. I must be able to create a new playlist from this shuffled list that maintains the order of the shuffled list (ie: doesn't revert to the original order)

3. I must be able to easily export my playlists as M3U and XML files

Worth noting. #1 and #2 are things I had no problems with pre-iTunes 11. #3 is something that iTunes 11 does do. I just need to make sure that my new player will as well.

I would be willing to pay a few bucks for the right solution. And again, my new laptop is Windows 8.

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Best answer: Have you tried foobar2000? It's pretty clever and customizable.
posted by Going To Maine at 2:23 PM on March 14, 2015

MediaMonkey does this. The only thing I'm not sure of is xml export.
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Best answer: +1 for Foobar2000. It's extremely lightweight and has bazillion playlist options.
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Response by poster: okay, I've downloaded Foobar, got some playlists into it which are playing fine ... but I still can't seem to get what I want.

That is, I can shuffle the playing order, but I can't actually see this shuffled order. It just shows me the existing playlist. It plays shuffled, but doesn't show shuffled.

The same applies to random.

Any ideas?
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Response by poster: and I just found an answer here. Specifically:

Once You have all your songs dropped into the playlist
move the mouse to the menu bar at the top...
Sort by- If you can figure out how to do the formatting then you can make a custom sort string
The Presets are:
Sort by file path
Sort by Artist
Sort by Album
Sort by Track Number
Sort by Title

choose randomize.
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Response by poster: Thanks all.
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