Live media that feels like the world?
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What kind of ambient live streams keeps you connected to the world? What kind of webcams keeps you company at night? Help me find audio (and video) streams that make me feel connected when I'm alone, working at my computer.

I do a lot of work alone, often late at night. On one hand, while I can be very productive, sometimes it can feel like I'm the last person left on earth.

For a while I would watch Terena's webcam while working (it's now down - this is what it used to look like). It's a great webcam because not only was it full HD, but it had great audio, and was near a fairly busy intersection, so you could hear people ringing their bikes as they walked by, etc. I'm also in the US, so it was great to be on a different time zone, and I would often watch the sun rise in Amsterdam while working away in the middle of the night, the entire city keeping me company.

On the other hand, there's You Are Listening To (New York), which pairs live police scanner audio with ambient music from Soundcloud. That's really nice also, because you know that it's live, right here and right now, and it's somehow heartening to feel and hear other people working away presently.

I'm looking for other similar streams, all over the world. It would be amazing to have a live audio stream (or a webcam with audio) of a Tokyo street, or the inside of a cafe in Moscow or Rio or Johannesburg, etc. Just being radio itself isn't enough for me; I think the ambient chatter of sound, street noise, people talking is what I'm really looking for, coupled with the understanding that it's 100% live.

Thanks, AskMe!
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I'm a fan of the Abbey Road Crossing Camera.
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EarthCam has a bunch of them; following that link will take you to an audio/webcam in Jamaica, but see the RELATED CAMS at the bottom and you'll find quite a lot of others. Only certain ones have audio; you'll have to bounce around to find them, I think.
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Not live, but you may like Kees Coljins's 'Walking in' videos, which are single shot, one hour plus explorations of cities all over the world. There's a loads of them, with all kinds of ambient noise, light and movement.
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I stream the BBC World Service through the BBC mobile app (or a computer works too) to keep me connected to the world when I'm working alone.
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